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A Detailed Review of Hollywood Studio’s PizzeRizzo Restaurant

Hollywood Studios does not have a plethora of restaurants. Especially if you are looking to dine inside. Your choices to grab a quick and satisfying lunch or dinner are limited to:

  • restaurants found on Sunset Blvd, which are all counter service and then you have to eat outside
  • Woody’s Lunch Box, delicious but again you have to sit outside
  • a restaurant found in Star Wars Land, not for picky eaters, with a lot of adventurous items on the menu
  • ABC Commissary, our worst dinning experience ever
  • BackLot Express, one of our favourite places to grab a quick-service meal at Disney World.
  • PizzeRizzo, the restaurant we are reviewing today

PizzeRizzo is found in Hollywood Studios’ Grand Avenue. A small area that has a heavy Muppet influence. This restaurant has a Muppet theme, with Rizzo the Rat’s family as the proprietors. Grand Avenue plays off of the street scene of a film or TV show, with a lot of mock doorways and windows. PizzeRizzo’s plays right into that, with a lot of brick work and metallic detailing. It’s made to give you the feeling of eating in New York City. The restaurant is huge, with ample seating on both floors of the restaurant. The tables and chairs can be easily maneuvered around to create larger or smaller seating for your party. There are washrooms inside the restaurant on the second floor.

As you’d expect, pizza is on the menu at PizzeRizzo’s. There are four kinds: pepperoni, cheese, vegetarian and meat lover’s. They also have a meal sized salad on their menu, and a meatball sub for those who may already be a little tired of pizza. These pizzas are ample size for an adult portion and are moderately priced at $10 each. On our last trip, I had the vegetarian pizza and was so impressed that we will be sure to visit here again on our next vacation. The kids shared a cheese pizza, as a child’s meal comes with two sides. This made it easy for our older two kids to share a pizza meal and still have enough to fill them up.

PizzeRizzo’s offers a variety of alcoholic beverages for a quick-service restaurant. Frozen Margaritas, Sangria, wine, beer, and a frozen apple cider. They also serve seasonal specials for holidays.

Mobile Ordering is available at PizzeRizzo’s, giving you the chance to order your food ahead of time and skip the line when you arrive.

When we dined here, we ate on the second floor. We chose to dine at PizzeRizzo’s because it was in close proximity to the Jedi Training which our kids were participating in just after lunch time. We’d also never eaten here before and wanted to give it a try. With three young kids, it was the perfect choice for us. The meal was easy. There was ample room for us to sprawl out all of our gear comfortably. The quick-service restaurant at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is definitely the more popular choice right now, but our kids love to stick with their staples. And we prefer choosing spots we know our kids will eat their fill. Making PizzeRizzo’s a top choice for us. We will definitely be back.

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