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A Detailed Look at Hollywood Studios’ Pixar Place

Hollywood Studios is made up of 8 areas: Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd, Toy Story Land, Echo Lake, Commissary Lane, Animation Courtyard, Galaxy’s Edge and Pixar Place. Today we’re going to go into detail on what can be found in the Pixar Place area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Pixar Place is a dead end strip that can be accessed from Animation Courtyard or Toy Story Land. This small area of the park is not full operational at this time due to COVID restrictions, but we can expect it will be up and running again once the park is fully operational. Pixar Place is heavily themed with The Incredibles. The posters adorning the buildings place guests in Municiberg, the city in which The Incredible stories take place. Here’s what can be found in this small area of Hollywood Studios.


Jack Jack Scavenger Hunt

Signs of Jack Jack are found around this whole area. You can see his footprints on the pavement, cookie crumbs left behind, and a laser trail. Complete this scavenger hunt by searchings high and low for the path of destruction Jack Jack has taken.


Neighborhood Bakery

Have one of Jack Jack’s favourite items, a Num Num Cookie. This gargantuan cookie is sold at this counter service spot, as well as slushies, popcorn, pretzels and more.


A great spot to grab a morning coffee. The Market serves coffees, pastries, baked goods and packaged items.


Incredible Meet and Greet

At the end of the Pixar Place strip you can typically find some of your favourite Incredible characters including, Frozone, Mr Incredible and Elastigirl.

Edna Mode Experience

On the Northern side of the street you can walk through a collection of Edna Mode’s favourite creations. At the end of the display you can meet Edna Mode herself.


Municiberg Gifts

This little gift shop is a must stop for an Incredible fan, there’s apparel, toys and keepsakes of your favourite Incredible’s character.


Super Shindig Dance Party

Let loose and dance with your favourite Incredible characters during this Super Shindig Dance Party. At the end of the street, characters will come out along with dance party hosts. The hosts and the characters will have guests dancing with them to some great tunes, creating some fun memories and great pics.

This small area of Hollywood Studios can very easily be passed by on your way in or out of Toy Story Land, but it doesn’t take long to have a look around this spot. There are also some restrooms in this area, and because it’s not a congested area there’s not going to be the same sized lines as you’d find in Toy Story Land or Galaxy’s Edge. For more tips on your day at Hollywood Studios check out these previous posts:

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