A Detailed Look at Epcot’s France Pavilion

Walt Disney World is home to four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Each of these parks is made up of unique areas that hosts restaurants, shops and attractions. Epcot is home to Future World and World Showcase, each of these have smaller pockets with in depth theming. World Showcase is filled with 11 country pavilions that give guests a glance into these nations. Today we’re doing a detailed look into what can be found in the France pavilion at Epcot.

The France pavilion is located on the Southern side of World Showcase, the farthest West. It’s found beside Morocco and across the bridge from the United Kingdom. It’s a quick walk from the World Showcase entrance of the park. So let’s see all that can be explored in the France pavilion.


Les Vins des Chef de France

This kiosk is located on the water side of the pathway and is where the popular slushes are found. Here guests can enjoy a glass of wine, champagne, beer or the sought after slushes. The slushes are made up of liquor and juice and are served in a plastic cocktail glass. Les Vins des Chef de France opens at noon.

Crepes des Chef de France

This kiosk is directly beside Les Vins des Chef de France. The kiosk serves Crepes topped with ice cream, chocolate, strawberry preserves, butter and sugar or hazelnut and chocolate spread. This is the perfect snack style meal. Surprisingly, they only open for lunch and stay open close to park close.

Les Halles Boulangeries-Patisserie

One of my favourite places to stop, so much so that we visited it twice on our last vacation. Here you’ll find a beautiful variety of pastries, soups, salads and sandwiches. Many of the items are on display behind a glass, so you can decide which delicacy you’d like to indulge in. On our last trip I had the Eclair Chocolat and the Strawberry Tart. The challenge is narrowing down your choice to just one. You’ll find this eatery in the back of the pavilion. Follow the pathway through the pavilion and you’ll find yourself there.

L’Artisan de Glaces

This counter service restaurant has guests lining the courtyard for one of their hand crafted ice creams. Each is served in a house made waffle cone. You can try a simple familiar flavour like vanilla, chocolate or coffee. Or go for a unique taste like coconut-white chocolate, cinnamon caramel apple or candied peanuts with chocolate peanut fudge. L’Artisan de Glaces also has sorbets. You’ll find this little spot just past Monsieur Paul on your way to the back of the pavilion.

Chefs de France

This table service restaurant has windows lining the front, giving guests a curb side view to all the activity of World Showcase. Chefs de France truly feels like a bustling restaurants found in Paris. As with all restaurants at World Showcase, the servers are from France. Chefs de France is open for lunch and dinner. The menu is limited, with only five entrees to choose from on the menu. I would recommend choosing the prix fixed menu, which gives you the chance to enjoy a appetizer, entree, dessert and beverage. As you’d expect, there’s Ratatouille on the menu as well as Beef Bourguignon.

Monsieur Paul

Here’s one of the Signature restaurants found at Disney’s Epcot. This beautiful restaurant is found on the second floor, above Chefs de France. The entrance is found in the courtyard of the pavilion, away from the busyness of World Showcase. Because it’s on the second floor, the windows look out onto the promenade of World Showcase. The service here is top notch with many attentive staff to guide your experience. We dined here on our last babymoon and ate meals unlike anything we’ve ever had before. Their menu is constantly changing, which makes each experience here unique. Monsieur Paul is only open for dinner. For a full review of the restaurant click here.


Kidcot Fun Stops

The France pavilion Kidcot Fun Stop location can be found at the back of the pavilion by the entrance to Les Halles Boulangeries-Patisseries. This is one of the Kidcot locations that can be found in each World Showcase pavilion. At each pavilion children can collect at postcard that can be coloured and then placed in their suitcase. The goal is to collect one at each pavilion. For more on that click here.

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

Head into the cinema for a 15 minute version of Beauty and the Beast, highlighting the songs from the film. The words will scroll across the bottom of the screen so you can keep up with your favourite tunes. The cinema is found in the middle of the pavilion. The Sing-Along is played at select times, so be sure to check your times guide.

Impressions de France

In the same cinema that features the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along, guests can see a beautiful film capturing the landscape of France. During the 18 minute film, viewers will see castles, the marketplace in Normandy, Versace and more. The film is played at select times during the day. So check your times guide when arriving.


Plume et Palette

Located at the very front of the French pavilion, Plume et Palette sells hand bags, accessories and a few apparel items. The shop is open at 11am until park close.

Souvenirs de France

Found along side Le Boulangerie, Souvenirs de France is where you’ll find some houseware items, mugs and collectibles. It’s also here that you’ll find the France World Showcase apparel that is unique to each pavilion. They have a beautiful selection of Disney items here that are created for this pavilion only. It’s found at the very back of the pavilion.

Les Vins de France

Grab a bottle of wine to bring home with you to remember your visit to World Showcase. They offer a wide range of prices for all budgets. This little spot is found in the back of the pavilion as you pass Monsieur Paul.

L’Espirit de la Provence

In this little shop guests will find aprons and glassware that seem to come from provincial French towns. They also sell preserves and food items here.

La Signature

Connected to Plume et Palette, La Signature sells high end perfumes and cosmetics. Any gal should come in and explore this high end collection. Guests can even get a make up consultation done here. Word to the wise, don’t bring children in here.


Serveur Amusant

In the afternoons, performers are found directly in front of the Chefs de France restaurant putting on hilarious and astonishing feats. A combination of comedic and acrobatic routine will have guests glad they took time to stop and watch the show. Check your daily times guide upon arrival to find out when they will be performing.

Meet Belle

The girl who tamed a beast, can be found in France during the afternoon. She’s typically found here in her blue outfit from the majority of the film. Typically she will found on the eastern side of the pavilion close to the water.

Meet Princess Aurora

As you cross the bridge into France, there’s a little floral area on the Western side which is where you’ll find Princess Aurora when she’s doing character meet and greets. She’s dressed in her beautiful pink gown.

Don’t pass by this incredible pavilion, wander around the shops and follow the pathway deep into the area to discover all that is found in France. For more tips on your visit to Disney World’s Epcot check out these previous posts:

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