Resort Review

5 Reasons to Stay at Crescent Lake

There are five resort areas within Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs and Wide World of Sports. Now within the Epcot resort area there are the five resorts that sit on Crescent Lake. All are in the Deluxe category. There’s Yacht Club and Beach Club resorts. These sister resorts are attached but not connected. Yacht Club offers the nautical, fancy theme where as the Beach Club feels beachy and comfortable. The Beach Club also hosts a Disney Vacation Club property. Across the lake is the Boardwalk Inn and Villas. With the Inn on one side and the Vacation Club Villas on the other. Lastly, there are two resorts, the Swan and Dolphin which are not apart of the Walt Disney Resort Family but get many of the perks of staying on property. All of these resorts share the lake. All of these resorts remind me of icebergs. The front entrance of these resorts are impressive and heavily themed. Beautiful and masterful. Then you head to the lake end, and you see the real beauty of this spot. The community of resorts around the lake is totally hidden to those passing by on the road. It is only by being on the lake side of the resorts that you truly see the charm.

Many who vacation in this area never stay anywhere else. Here are 5 reasons why many love it.

1.Park Accessibility

Two of the 4 parks are within walking distance or a boat ride. Epcot and Hollywood Studios are connected to this area via pathway and lake. Which means you’ve given yourself 30 minutes of sleep for those park days. This also means you’ll be getting home that much earlier as well. This is ideal for running back to the resort if you’ve forgotten something or if you want to have a little break in the middle of the day.

2.Park Hopping.

Vacationing with older kids and multiple families is great in this location. Everyone can spend their day in Epcot or Hollywood Studios and then meet back at your room mid day. Or you can send off your kids while relaxing by the pool or enjoying a meal.

3. runDisney Races

Vacationers planning on racing in a runDisney race, no matter which weekend you’re planning on, these resorts are ideal. Especially for those who have family members wishing to cheer them on. The races listed below all have courses that run right along Crescent Lake. Running in front of the Beach Club and Yacht Club. This means your cheering section doesn’t have to bus off anywhere or wait for you at the finish line. They can get up from their beds, go to the course, cheer for you and then wait for you at breakfast. All the 5ks run through World Showcase so those cheerers can head to the World Showcase entrance of Epcot. These resorts are also the closest to the majority of the start and finish lines. Most races start close to Epcot’s parking lot, so you won’t have to worry about being in the bus forever. Giving a little more wiggle room for the morning of the race. Also, if you’re planning on using a park pass that day you can simply enter Epcot after the race and walk back to your resort. Much better than waiting for a bus that never seems to come.

Here are the race courses that run along Crescent Lake:

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend: Marathon. 10k.

Princess 1/2 Marathon Weekend: 10k.

Star Wars Dark Side 1/2 Marathon Weekend: 1/2 Marathon. 10k.

Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon Weekend:  10k.

4. Dining

37 places to grab a bite to eat in this resort area. Granted some of them offer only appetizers or in the case of the Funnel Cake Cart, deep fried dough. Regardless, you’ll never eat at all of these places in one vacation. This gives you ample choices for breakfast before the park opens, dinner in the evening, and special treats. There are also a couple of very unique, well-sought after places in this area. Such as, Beaches and Cream Soda Shop and the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno. For those on the dining plan, you won’t have to venture to the park every day or out of your resort area to use those meal credits.

5. Boardwalk

You have your own mini Disney Springs. The Boardwalk lights up at night, with bright signage and lights strung all over. Performers are on the Boardwalk nightly to entertain you with jokes and tricks. You can dine on delicious ice cream or cupcakes. Dance the night away at the dancing hall. Or watch the Dueling Pianos at Jellyrolls. All steps away from your room. We’ve spent many nights simply walking the Boardwalk to pass the evening. You truly feel you’re somewhere magical without even being in one of the parks.

Crescent lake is unique from all the other areas of Walt Disney World. There’s a lot of excitement and action with great access to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Making it the ideal location for many visitors. Maybe even you. Growing up this was the only resort area I knew, having only vacationed at the Beach Club and Yacht Club resort until our honeymoon. We have since returned to the Boardwalk for a couple vacations. We’ve stayed in every area, except for Wide World of Sports, and I still find myself wanting to stay in one of these resorts because of it’s close proximity to two parks. I also love running in this area. Running along the Boardwalk is a beautiful way to start your day at Disney. Every area has its perks and benefits but this spot holds a special spot in my heart. Which means we’ll continue to make our way back here again and again.  Happy Planning Friends.