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5 Reasons Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge isn’t for Kids

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is Disney World’s newest area of the four theme parks. This area is found in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. It can be accessed via Grand Avenue or Toy Story Land. Galaxy’s Edge has lots of eateries, shops and a couple attractions. We loved checking out Galaxy’s Edge on our last vacation, being huge Star Wars fans. But as we explored the area there were a few things we noticed that made us realize this area is not the best spot for kids.


Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has a similar design to Pandora – The World of Avatar and Toy Story Land, in that it puts guests into the land they’re visiting. This whole area of Hollywood Studios makes guests feel like they are really in Galaxy’s Edge. All the signs use a different alphabet, the ground is rough and rugged. It all seems very real. Which is fantastic for tween, teens and adults who have a grasp on reality. For youngsters, this can all feel a little bit too real. When they see Kylo Ren walking down the path, they think it’s the real Sith Lord. They see a person get arrested by some Storm Troopers, they think that person is doomed. The immersive element of Galaxy’s Edge is in everything, from the garbages, to the lighting. Which is extremely impressive but again, a little too real for young ones.

Target Audience

Most areas of Walt Disney World are designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, but they are going to appeal to certain ages more than others. Just as Toy Story Land is going to appeal to more of the younger kids, Galaxy’s Edge is going to appeal to the tweens, teens and adults. This is even found in the bathrooms. In the bathrooms at Toy Story Land there are the most amount of changing tables I’ve ever seen. In Galaxy’s Edge there’s only a couple. Galaxy’s Edge is a multi levelled area, making it difficult for visitors with strollers.


There are several places to dine at Galaxy’s Edge, but being an immersive experience, the food served at these restaurants are to place guests in the world of Star Wars. This means using a lot of spices, a lot of shredded vegetables and meat. You’re not going to find your standard mac and cheese, or burgers and fries here.


Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is the newest area of Walt Disney World. Which means, even if guests aren’t into Star Wars (hard to imagine I know), they’re going to want to go and explore it. By being the newest, the latest and greatest in theme park technology and design is to be found there. This means the crowds are very large and very overwhelming. With the size of the crowds, kids can’t see all that makes up Galaxy’s Edge. All they’re seeing are the many adults around them.

Wait Times

There are two attractions found in Galaxy’s Edge, and the wait times for them are outrageous. Even during the pandemic, Smuggler’s Run is running at a 65 minute wait. It’s a really long time to ask kids to wait for an attraction. The other attraction is Rise of the Resistance, which only has a virtual queue. Which means the longest wait time, you sign up for the virtual queue and you may not ride the ride until evening. It also means you can’t plan your day out as easily. For our experience with the virtual queue click here. There are even long lines for the stores. The Droid Depot, the store where guests can make their very own droid, is so popular, that you can wait for ages to have the chance to make a droid of your own. Even the most patient child, will have a hard to during their visit to Galaxy’s Edge.

We look forward to exploring Galaxy’s Edge in years to come, having visited with three young kids we know we didn’t even scratch the surface of what there is to discover. We had reservations at Oga’s Cantina, but when we realized it was really just a lounge that served a little bit of food, we opted for a meal that would be better for our whole crew. So if you’re visiting with younger kids, keep the above in mind when you’re planning out your day to Hollywood Studios.

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