Dining at Disney

5 Disney Restaurants I can’t WAIT to go back to

Every year more and more dining options keep springing up. Giving us more and more choices of where to eat during our Disney vacations. I love discovering new restaurants or even new to us restaurants. But there are certainly certain restaurants that we love to return to again and again. Here is a list of 5 Disney World Restaurants that we’ve eaten at the we LOVE and can’t wait to eat at again.


This table service restaurant is found at the Magic Kingdom resort, Polynesian Village. ‘Ohana is open for both breakfast and dinner. It’s a character meal for breakfast only and is one of the 9 most popular restaurants to dine at for dinner. Making this meal a very difficult reservation to get. This meal is an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal. Cast members come to your table and serve you as much as you want of the food offered. Your table will also have a skillet at it, filled with delicious Polynesian food. We can’t wait to get back to this restaurant because of its view. The view of the Magic Kingdom from ‘Ohana is beautiful. You can see Cinderella’s Castle from afar. So you can get a great view of the nightly fireworks. Another reason we can’t wait to dine here again someday is the food. Some restaurants are impressive because of the quantity, ‘Ohana is impressive because of the quality and quantity. For dinner your served steak, shrimp, and sweet and sour chicken. All of these are delicious. A nice variety of sweet and spicy. And the variety gives something for everyone. It’s also fantastic value, if you’re on the dining plan because it’s only one meal credit and it includes appetizers, entree and dessert. The dinner may not have characters but there’s a host who sings and performs during the meal and there are games for the children. I wouldn’t head here during a park day, pulling you from the park for a meal isn’t the best use of your time. But you could always dine here before one of the Magic Kingdom parties or on a non-park day. We dined here, back in 2016 and we’ll be back again someday.

Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre

I dined here decades ago on a family vacation. There’s a lot I remember about it, despite being very young. This speaks volumes as to how memorable this restaurant is. Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre is a themed restaurant at Hollywood Studios. They’re open for lunch and dinner. Diners eat in a faux car, at a faux drive in theatre. On the screen is old sci fi movies on repeat. The cars are huge 60s vehicles, the food is burgers, sandwiches, sundaes and shakes. I’ve been waiting to get back here. We haven’t gone on our last few trips because we were worried the kids would be too young for the content on the screens. But now they’re a little older and our youngest is too young to notice. I can’t wait to pile our family into one of these cars, eat some delicious burgers and fries and act like we’re back in 60’s. The menu is nothing complex, making it an ideal choice for families with picky eaters. The venue location is ideal because you’re in the centre of the park.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

This signature restaurant is found inside Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom. You can eat any meal here. It’s open before the park even opens, which means you can eat your breakfast here before other guests are even allowed into Fantasyland. Princesses make appearances during the course of the meal and kids are given swords and wands to participate in the magical moment during your meal. But these are not some of the reasons I can’t wait to get back to this restaurant. One reason is the venue. The restaurant has beautiful stain glass windows overlooking Fantasyland. So if you get one of those tables you get a view of the Carousel and the magical events happening just below you. Another reason is the food. There’s a reason this is a signature restaurant. The food is incredible. Certainly a cut above the other character dining experiences. The menu is small but each item is a delicacy. Pork Ribs, Tenderloin Beef, Chickpea Panisee. Cheesecake, mousse, sorbet and peanut butter cake are on the dessert menu. If you’re looking for a delicious dining experience at the Magic Kingdom then this is a must. We haven’t been here since our daughter’s first visit but we’ll be back for sure.

Le Cellier

Le Cellier is a signature restaurant at Epcot’s Canadian pavilion. The restaurant is supposed to be a wine cellar. We dined here on our honeymoon and then on a trip with my sister and brother in law. The steaks here are one of a kind. They will cook them to your desire, but also guide your choice to the best cut for your preference. The bread basket is something I’ll never forget. Each of the breads found in the basket represent different areas of Canada. The appetizers also give diners a nice selection of Canadian delicacies. The venue is very romantic, dark and intimate. I can’t imagine ever bringing our kids here until they are much, much older and probably only if they have an appreciation for steak.

Beaches and Cream

This table service restaurant is found at the Beach Club Resort on Crescent Lake. Beaches and Cream is an old school soda shop. Small, colorful, and delicious. The food here is fast foodish, burgers and fries, grilled cheese, sandwiches. The desserts are huge, and even though most are sundaes they have different kinds of ice cream and toppings. At each of the tables are small juke boxes and there’s a large juke box at the entrance of the restaurant. We dined here on our last vacation, and I dined multiple times as a kid when we would stay at this resort. It lived up to my memories and nostalgia. The design is spot on, but the food is also worth the extra effort it takes to get here. We’ll be making a visit here in the years to come.

Dining at Disney World can be such a fun part of your vacation. And if you choose to dine at any of these five restaurants you’ll be sure to have a great meal and a memorable experience. Happy Planning, Friends.