Running Routes

Running Routes: 4 Miles Saratoga Springs


This is a 4 mile loop taking you through Disney Springs, and all the different areas of Saratoga Springs. The running trail map for this resort will have you loop around the same lake over and over. But there are pathways all through this resort. With this route you won’t have to run over the same stones as many times.


Starting at the entrance to the Artist’ Pallette head left towards the Grandstand Buildings and then take a sharp left towards Disney Springs. Run over the bridge and hang a left towards Disney Springs. Run along the path through the West Side, The Landing and the Marketplace. Head towards the bus stop at the entrance to the Marketplace and take the bridge over to Saratoga Spring. Stay on the path hugging the water and pass the Congress Park buildings on your right and the water on your left. When you get to the gazebo hang a right. Take a left at the road and make your way back towards the main building. Head in through the courtyard beside the horsing around recreation rentals. And back to the main building. Continue you on the same way you left and head straight to the Grandstand buildings. Run past the Grandstand pools and around the grandstand parking lot. Follow the path back to the road and cross towards the carousel buildings. Hug the water and make your way back to the Paddock buildings. Cross the pathway and make your way along Willow Lake. Follow the running path to the other side of the lake and over the bridge, past the fountain and back to your starting point.