Height Requirement

44 inches at Epcot

Epcot has two major areas: Future World and World Showcase. The majority of the attractions are found in Future World. This is where you’ll find the one ride that requires guests to be 44 inches and taller.

Mission: SPACE. Orange Mission.

Mission: SPACE is found in Future World East beside Test Track. This attraction has guests experiencing a simulation of a space mission. There are two missions that guests can choose from. The Green Mission is for guests 40 inches and for guests who experience motion sickness and have heart problems. The Orange Mission is for guests 44 inches and taller. This mission has guests travelling to Mars. The simulator holds four guests, each guests is given a “job”. This job requires the guest to push a particular button during the simulation. Don’t worry, if that button isn’t pushed the simulator will progress as normal. Guests are strapped in with an upper body harness, so younger visitors may not be able to reach the buttons. This attraction is not scary, what’s scary are the constant reminders as you head to the attraction about health concerns and your ability to ride the ride. There are barf bags provided in the simulator if you need them. There are FastPasses available for this attraction but I wouldn’t recommend them. I would recommend using these for Test Track which is much more popular or Soarin’.

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