Height Requirement

38″ and taller. Animal Kingdom Edition

On our daughter’s very first Disney vacation we only went to one of the Disney theme parks: Magic Kingdom. On her second visit we knew we wanted to add one more theme park to the visit. We chose to visit the Animal Kingdom. The Animal Kingdom is wonderful place to bring preschoolers, at the time our daughter was 3 1/2. There’s DinoLand U.S.A, with it’s Boneyard Playground that’s great for kids and there’s Rafiki’s Planet Watch which has a petting zoo. But the major reason we chose Animal Kingdom for the other theme park on that visit was it had an attraction for guests 38″ and taller. 38″ is the average height for kids 3-4. Making it an ideal destination for our family.

The attraction at Animal Kingdom that falls under this height requirement is Kali River Rapids. Kali River Rapids is found in Asia, close to Yak & Yeti restaurant. It’s a large flume ride with many guests getting soaked during the ride. It’s a large raft, seating about 12 guests. The seats are paired up, allowing you to sit next to your little. There are straps and a bar to lower for those smaller riders. The raft turns a lot throughout the ride so there’s no knowing which part of the raft will end up getting soaked. There’s no story line to this ride, so the ride itself isn’t scary, it’s more the large drop that happens half way through. It’s a fantastic ride, especially on a warm day. Grab a fastpass to make the wait shorter, giving your little less time to think about the ride they’re about to go on. When MacKenzie rode Kali River Rapids, she loved it. On our last vacation, this attraction was down for refurbishment, which turned out to be okay because Lincoln gets motion sickness. So although he would have been tall enough I think the spinning of the raft may have made him a little queasy. Hopefully by their next trip to Disney he’ll be ready for it.

Kids 38″ and taller can also enjoy the many attractions for all heights. Check them out on this previous post.

Happy Planning, friends.