Worst Epcot Restaurant for the Dining Plan

Dining on any of the three dining plans offered to guest staying at a Walt Disney World resort can certainly save you money, as long as you make sure you are dining at the right restaurants. When you’re on the dining plan you can choose from any of the entrees on a restaurants menu, so to make sure you are consuming the same value of goods you’ve paid for you’re going to want to make sure you’re choosing higher ticketed options.

But if you’re dining at a restaurant that’s highest ticket item doesn’t get you to your daily quota, you may loose out on money friends. Take a look at this previous post to see the 5 worst restaurants found on Disney property for those on the dining plan. Today we’re going to look at which Epcot restaurant you don’t want to eat at if you’re on the dining plan. How I came up with this restaurant is I looked at each of the menus of the table service restaurants found at Epcot. I didn’t look at quick-service restaurants because all these restaurants offer very similar priced items. Although their offerings vary, the prices do not. I also didn’t look at Signature restaurants. Signature restaurants require 2 table service meal credits, which doesn’t always hold the same value or make since for your vacation needs. I combed through the table service restaurants requiring 1 dining plan meal credit. I looked for the restaurant whose most expensive entree was less than every other restaurant found at Epcot. Here’s what I found:

Rose & Crown Dining Room

Rose & Crown Dining Room is found in Epcot’s World Showcase United Kingdom pavilion. The Rose & Crown has a dining room and a pub. The pub does not serve the full menu, does not take reservations and is therefore not what we’re examining in this post. The Rose & Crown dining room is open for lunch and for dinner. It’s a part of any of the festival dining packages that can be chosen during the four festivals that happen each year at Epcot. It’s not one of the most popular restaurants, which means you can easily get a last minute reservation. The restaurant is found on the lagoon’s edge, giving some diners a beautiful view of World Showcase and the nighttime entertainment if you get the right reservation.

What makes Rose & Crown the worst restaurant to visit when you’re on the dining plan is their most expensive item on the menu is their salmon, which costs $27. Most restaurants are going to have the most expensive entree at $34 and the rest of their items coming in around the $28 mark. Rose & Crown’s items float around the $22 mark. Your choices are shepherd’s pie, fish & chips, bangers and mash and other British favourites. When you put together the average total for a meal here you’re looking at a $40 meal. This is the cost for an alcoholic beverage, dessert and entree. The Disney Dining Plan costs $78.01 per night. That means if you eat here you need to make sure your quick-service meal, and 2 snacks for the day make up that $38 difference. And then you’re just making your money back. You’re not surpassing your investment. Now if Rose & Crown is a must do for you, no big deal. Just make sure to choose buffet restaurants or some of the best restaurants for the remainder of your meals.

Dining on the dining plan can definitely save you money, it even got us all free meals at Chef Mickey’s on our last family vacation. But you have to watch where exactly you’re eating. For more tips on using the dining plan, check out these previous posts:

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