Dining at Disney Dining Plan

Why you should eat at as many Buffet restaurants as possible when on the Disney Dining Plan

When you are vacationing at Walt Disney World on the Disney Dining Plan you want to make sure that you eat as much as you spent. When you purchase the Disney Dining Plan you spend $75 per day per adult and $25 per day per child. With the Disney Dining Plan you receive 1 table service meal credit per day, 1 quick-service meal credit per day and 2 snacks. Where you have to make sure you are spending the most money is your table service meal. All quick-service meals range around $10, with your drink purchase your bill is going to end up somewhere around $20. So to make sure you get close or above that $75 you want to make sure your table service meal credit is close or above $40. Which isn’t too hard because you’ll be enjoying a dessert as well as a beverage, an alcoholic beverage if you choose. But to guarantee you’re close to that amount buffets are your best choice.

Buffet style restaurants are very expensive. Not so much because of their quality of food but because most of them have character meetings. A breakfast at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall at Epcot will run you $49 per adult and $29 per child. A breakfast at Chef Mickey’s is $42 per adult and $25 per child. Now this is for breakfast; lunch and supper are going to be more expensive. 

Buffet style restaurants are easy. Each buffet style restaurant, with the exception of those located in Epcot, serve a variety of cuisines. You can fill your plate with pastas, carved meats, potatoes, salads, soups and of course desserts. They also offer a special kids section for your picky eaters. It’s ideal for any family because everyone is sure to find at least one thing they like. 

Buffets are perfect for kids of every age. Some kids are getting to old for the kids menu, so you may need to share some of your meal with them. Or some kids are free because they’re under 3 but then you have them eating half your meal. At a buffet, everyone can eat their fill. 

When you’re dining at a buffet restaurant you don’t have to worry about someone ordering something they don’t like. If they don’t like something on their plate they don’t have to eat, they can go get something else. 

Buffet restaurants are found everywhere on Walt Disney World property. There’s at least one buffet style restaurant at each theme park, and there are plenty found throughout the Disney resorts. No matter which park you’re going to you’ll be able to dine at a buffet style restaurant. 

By dining at a buffet style restaurant you’ll be meeting or surpassing that investment you made for your Disney vacation. With the buffets coming in around $45 per adult, and then a quick-service total of $20, add a couple of $6 snacks and you’re above your initial investment. 

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