Disney Vacation Club

Where You Can Use Disney Vacation Club Points

Disney Vacation Club is Disney’s timeshare company. With the purchase of a Disney Vacation Club package you become a Disney Vacation Club member. Packages include a purchase of a percentage of one of the Disney Vacation Club resorts. These resorts are found at Disney World, Disneyland, Vero Beach, Hilton Head and in Hawaii. Whichever resort is purchased becomes the member’s home resort. Members receive a yearly allotment of points to be used on accommodations. These accommodations aren’t restricted to the Disney Vacation Club resorts, there’s a multitude of options on where and how Disney Vacation Club points can be used.

Disney Resorts

Members can use points to stay at any of Disney’s resorts found around the world. Points can be used to stay at the Disneyland Hotel in California, Disney’s Newport Bay Club at Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort at Disney World. The point cost is generally going to be higher when using points to stay at a resort hotel in lieu of a Disney Vacation Club resort. But if you’re visiting a Disney park that doesn’t have any Disney Vacation Club properties, like Disneyland Paris, you can still use points to stay. Or if there’s no availability at a Disney Vacation Club resort when you want to visit you can use your points at any of the other Disney resorts and hotels. We did this on our trip to Disneyland California. The Grand California was fully booked so we used our points to stay at the Disneyland Hotel instead.

Disney Cruises

Points can be used for Disney Cruises. This is going to be a high point cost. Which makes total sense because you are paying for the whole package with points. Imagine paying for your park tickets, your dining plan and your water park passes with points. That’s what you’re doing on a cruise. Your whole cruise is being paid with in points. The point cost per person runs from 82 points per person per sailing to 257 points per person per sailing. It depends on which boat you choose to sail on, the destinations and then length of the cruise.

Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney is a Disney tour company. Members can use their points to pay for vacations around globe, guided by knowledgable cast members. Head to Barcelona for a 4 day and 3 night tour, or discover the beautiful country side of Ireland. These tours include one of a kind experiences, from touring century old buildings to local entertainment put on just for you. The cost of these tours run from 230 per adult to 1266 per adult.


The Disney Vacation Club partners with the time share company RCI. Disney Vacation Club points can be used at any of the RCI resorts for a fee. A reservation fee for the transfer of points is required when using your points through RCI. But this open the door to vacation around the world. RCI has resorts in South America, Italy, Mexico, Turkey, Portugal, Austria, you name a place you want to travel to and there’s little doubt that RCI has a resort there. This partnership opens up a whole world of possibility for where Disney Vacation Club points can be used.

Disney Vacation Club members are found all over the world. Which means many are going to have to get creative on how they can use their points in the next calendar year. With international travel out of the equation, members will have to look closer to home to find places to use their Disney Vacation Club points. As we can see, there’s quite a few options of where they can be spent. May not be where they were originally intended to spend, but it’s better than loosing them all together.

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