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Where You Can Buy Minnie Ears Before Your Disney Vacation

When you visit Disney World, you very quickly get wrapped up in the magic. You will find that many guests dress in Mickey and Minnie gear, some guests choose to Disney bound, others wear Minnie Ears to display their celebratory spirit. To prepare for these fun special days, I try to have as much purchased ahead of time as possible. This way all items are washed before they’re worn and I can better manage how much is spent during any given vacation. Luckily, Minnie Ears are not only found at Walt Disney World and can be purchased at many locations before you leave for the most magical place on earth. Take a look at the stores that sell Minnie Ears.

Party City

Your favourite store for all your party needs always sells child size Minnie Ears in their Minnie Mouse party section. These are pretty flimsy and won’t last longer than one trip. But they’ll certainly do the trick if you’re in a pinch or not sure how much a pair will actually get worn. During Halloween season you can also find some Adult Minnie Ears in a couple of varieties.


As with all things from Winners, you never know when they’ll be carrying these items. When they do carry them they typically have a fun variety, one year we got our daughter ones with a unicorn horn in the middle.

Disney Store

Here’s where you’ll find the same ears that you’ll find at the parks. These ears are well made and come in many Disney themes. Sometimes they feature ears that are attraction focused, like “it’s a small world” or Haunted Mansion. Other times they are seasonally designed, with Christmas colours or Halloween candy. There’s truly one for every style and outfit.


Target has a great selection of Disney attire and also carry simple Minnie Ears. Typically with the red or pink polka dotted bow. These can sometimes be found in the clothing section or in the toy section, depending on how things are merchandised at your local store.


Although they do not appear on their website, I have picked up Minnie Ears inside JCPenney stores in the past. If they are carrying them when you’re looking, you’ll find them in the Disney section of the children’s clothing section. The ones pictured above were purchased at Target.

Online Stores

Do a simple #minniears search on instagram and you’ll unearth hundreds of merchants creating their own minnie ears. My one suggestion before purchasing ears from one of these online stores, contact one of their followers to find out if they like their ears. Ears can be very finicky, giving you headaches if they’re not made properly. They can fall off if they’re too heavy. So check with other customers before you make your purchase.


Are you crafty? Then maybe you’d enjoy making your own Minnie Ears. I put together a board on pinterest with several posts on how you can make your very own Minnie Ear. Click here to check out the many options. I can’t say they would turn out because I am not craft at all and would not trust myself to make ears that would turn out. You may enjoy it so much that you’ll be able to start your own little side business.

As you can see, you certainly do not need to wait until you arrive at Walt Disney World to purchase your Minnie Ears, this way you can wear the ears as you travel to the most magical place on earth.

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