Character Meet and Greet

Where to Meet Mary Poppins

You may be wondering where you can meet the proper English nanny. You can meet her at a few different spots around Walt Disney World and who knows where she’ll pop up with the release of last year’s film. As of right now you can officially meet her at three places, and one of the them doesn’t even require park admission.

Magic Kingdom

Liberty Square

During the afternoons you can meet Mary Poppins in Liberty Square. Beside Liberty Square Portrait Gallery is a little gazebo and it’s here that Mary Poppins appears periodically throughout the afternoons dressed for a Jolly Holiday. This meet and greet spot will definitely get more popular as the movie is released but you can normally sneak in a quick picture and autograph around the time Festival of Fantasy Parade is on. That’s when we met her last January, we were waiting for the parade to start in our favourite spot and I noticed there was no line when we went for a bathroom stop so I grabbed both kids and did a quick meet with Mary Poppins.


United Kingdom Pavilion

Throughout the afternoon you can meet Mary Poppins periodically at the United Kingdom pavilion in Epcot. Directly across from the Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room, Mary Poppins will be dressed in her best. Out of the three spots to meet her this would be the most popular because it’s the most obvious. People who aren’t seeking her out will stop her for an autograph and picture. As opposed to the location at the Magic Kingdom which is tucked away.

Grand Floridian Resort

1900 Park Fare

This character buffet breakfast is packed with characters, including Mary Poppins. 1900 Park Fare is located off of the lobby at the Grand Floridian resort, one of the Magic Kingdom resorts. Anyone can dine here, whether you’re staying here or not. We’ve dined here several times: on our honeymoon, our daughter’s first trip and our son’s first trip. Mary Poppins only attends the breakfast and brunch, which is served from 8am until 11:50am. She is dressed in her outfit from the Jolly Holiday scene and will come around to guests tables ready to take pictures and sign autographs. Make sure to get an advanced reservation for this restaurant as it’s very popular. You can start your day here before heading to the Magic Kingdom for the day just make sure you can get there from your resort in time for your reservation.  Or dine here as a part of a non-park day. For a full review of the restaurant click the title above.