When to register for a runDisney race?

runDisney are races run on Walt Disney World property, in Disneyland Paris and virtually wherever you can cover mileage, yes that includes a treadmill. These races, including the virtual races, have a capacity. A certain amount of entrants they will take for each event. They can only have so many people on the course, and even then not everyone finishes. Over the years we have run many of these events and we have had our fair share of letdowns when it comes to registration. You find out when the event is and plan a trip around those dates, or you realize an event is going on at the same time you’ll be at Disney. Then you go to register and realize the event you wanted to race is Sold Out!

Each of the race weekends have multiple events. The marathon weekend, in January, for example has 4 events plus kid races, giving you alternative choices if the distance you wanted to run has reached capacity. But even with these multiple events there are years when every single event is sold out months in advanced. Like right now, the 5k, 10k and Fairy Tale Challenge for the Princess Race Weekend in Disney World are already sold out and the race isn’t until the end of February. The 10k for the Star Wars Rival Run Weekend in April is already sold out. Some years these events sell out the day they open.

You may ask why some years fill up quicker than others. Often times it has to do with anniversary dates. The year a race is celebrating an anniversary the medals are bigger and colourful. Therefore the anniversary years of races are going to sell out faster. For a full list of anniversary dates check out this previous post: anniversary dates. This year is a big one with the Star Wars 1/2, 10k and challenge, Disneyland Paris 1/2, Castle to Castle Challenge, and the Goofy Challenge.

But you can’t count on this being the only reason races sell out so if you really want to participate in one of these events when do you register? The day the registration opens. If you’re lucky enough to know someone who is a DVC member, they have the benefit of registering a couple days early. So buddy up with them. Otherwise, treat it like an Advanced Dining Reservation or FastPass +, be at your computer or on your device the moment the event opens. We ran the Goofy Challenge back in 2012 and the event sold out in 2 days. And the only anniversary that year was the Donald 1/2. So don’t be wishy washy. If you want to run it than jump in with both feet and register, otherwise you’ll find yourself being there the weekend of the race wishing you had gotten the chance to run through Cinderella’s Castle or around Spaceship Earth. Planning on participating in an event and want to know when you can register, then sign up for an email notification. You can currently do that for the Wine & Dine event. You’ll get an email with all the dates and important information as it becomes available. Keeping you ahead of those other racers. So now you know. Don’t hesitate. Happy Planning, Friends.