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When can I Book my Disney Vacation?

You’ve decided to head to Disney World. Maybe you’ve even come up with the dates that you’d like to go. If you’re planning lightyears ahead of time you may be wondering when you can actually start laying the ground work of your vacation. There are bits and pieces to this puzzle, unless you’re booking your vacation 2 months ahead of time, you can’t book everything at once. You can start with your resort reservations, then your dining reservations and lastly your FastPass reservations.

When you’re 6 months out from the dates of your vacation you are able to book your resort reservations at Walt Disney World. Booking this far in advanced you’re not going to see the deals that you’ll see as your date draws closer. Typically, a few months ahead of time Disney World will release deals. These deals can be discounted rooms or free dining plans. These deals have stipulations. Normally you’ll have to purchase theme park tickets with the park hopper option and with a minimum amount of days. For any of these deals only certain resorts apply and only a certain amount of rooms are set aside. If you think one of these deals may be of benefit to you and your vacation, you can always apply them at a later date. So book the resort you want to stay at, spending the amount of money that you want to spend. Keep your eye on the deals, read this previous post to find out where the deals can be found, and then you can apply them to your vacation. This is what we did for our honeymoon, and we were able to upgrade our accommodations from Coronado Springs to the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Talk about an upgrade. Tickets can be purchased at the same time, or at a later date. You’ll need tickets purchased in order to make your FastPass reservations.

When your accommodations have been booked you’ll be able to have an advantage on your dining reservations which open 180 days before your vacation. Everyone and anyone can book these reservations but those who have accommodations can book 180 days plus 10. So you can book all your dining at once and before everyone else. Which gives you the chance to get reservations at those 9 hardest restaurant reservations.

As long as you add your tickets to your vacation package 60 days before your vacation you’ll be able to book your FastPasses at that time. For more information on the FastPasses and what you can and can’t book check out this previous post.

So the short answer to when can you book your Disney vacation is 6 months ahead of time. But it’s not as simple as booking your accommodations. To have a successful vacation you’ll need to take time to book the separate parts of your vacation as it approaches. Happy Planning, Friends.