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What You’re Missing at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Attractions, stage shows and parades can be on the top of anyone’s must do list for a visit to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. There’s the thrill rides like Space Mountain and Thunder Railroad. The classics: it’s a small world, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean. But there are some attractions and experiences that you may not eve realize you are walking right past on your way to the next thing your list. Take a look at this list of spots in Disney’s Magic Kingdom that you may have overlooked.

Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station

In the Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland, this Dumbo themed circus area is actually a place for littles to cool down on those hot Florida days. Bring along your little’s water suit to allow them to splash around in the water that is spit out from the many animals that fill the railcars. You’ll find this splash area near the Storybook Circus bathroom, right by the Fantasyland stop for the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Secret Sounds off of Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street U.S.A. is full of shops and eateries. There is one area off of the main strip that has a secret. If you stay in this small area long enough, you’ll hear piano lessons and tap lessons taking place in a second floor window. You’ll find this little secret place on the Eastern side of the street, between Crystal Arts and Uptown Jewellers. There’s actually a couple of tables, chairs and umbrellas here to accommodate guests. Making it the perfect spot to stop for your lunch or a snack.

Harmony Barber Shop

This hidden away barber shop offers haircuts to children and to men. At the very top of Main Street U.S.A., within view of the American Flag, Harmony Barber Shop sits beside one of the many entrances to the Emporium. There are a few chairs to accommodate more than one guest at a time. This is where each of our children had their first haircuts. It’s a sweet package that includes a set of Mickey Ears, a little certificate and a piece of their baby hair all done up in a little pouch.

Enchanted Tales with Belle

In the Beauty and the Beast area of Fantasyland is Enchanted Tales with Belle. This is an interactive character experience. Guests are magically transported to the Beast’s castle through a magic mirror to the night Belle and the Beast share their magical waltz. Guests will have a chance to reenact the story of Belle’s journey to castle with Belle herself. Kids can either participate in the story or hang back and watch. It’s a truly magical experience that is tucked away in Belle’s cottage, found just before Be Our Guest restaurant.

Astro Orbiter

High above the sky of Tomorrowland sits the Astro Orbiter. This attraction is much like Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride. What makes this ride different is where it sits. It is stories above the park, guests must ride an elevator to gain access to this ride.

Tom Sawyer Island

On the waters of Frontierland is Tom Sawyer Island. This island is a spot where you can run wild and explore. With caves and wooden bridges, kids will have a blast discovering this looked over area. To get to the island you must take a boat. Making all aspects of the experience fun. It’s a hands on part of the park that many guests skip over.

Disney’s Carousel of Progress

This 30 minute show tells the tale of a family throughout the ever changing century. See how technology has continued to change the lives of the average American family. Set to the Sherman Brothers “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”, Carousel of Progress is found in Tomorrowland. Sit back and relax as this revolving theatre takes you on a journey of progress.

No visit to Disney’s Magic Kingdom can include seeing all the sights and sounds but don’t miss out on the overlooked just because they’re not hot and new. You may discover your own family favourite. For more information on your trip to the Magic Kingdom, check out these previous posts:

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