What You’re Missing at Disney World’s Epcot

Epcot is Disney World’s largest theme park. Epcot is currently made up of Future World and World Showcase. Both areas are filled with restaurants, attractions and entertainment that will teach you about the World we live in. There are areas of Epcot that are enjoyed by many and have crowds flocking to them. There are others that many guests pass by without even realizing what they are missing. Check out the areas of Epcot that you may have passed over and won’t want to miss the next time you’re at Disney World’s Epcot.


On the Western side of Epcot’s Future World is the attraction Journey Into Imagination with Figment. This fun ride has guests discover the world through their five senses, as well as their imagination. Once you exit this ride you enter into a whole other area. This area is filled with different spots that engage you in learning about your sense of sight and sound. It’s a great place for kids to play.

The Seas

The Seas is found in the Northern part of Epcot and is home to the attraction The Seas with Nemo and Friends. In The Seas you’ll also find Coral Reef restaurant. What you may have missed before, are the many tanks the whole building is built around. These tanks are filled with thousands of sea creatures. There are huge tanks that are home to dolphins and rays and star fish. There are other smaller tanks found throughout the building that have turtles and smaller fish. You can spend lots of time exploring in here, and if you time it right, you’ll get to see cast members interact with the sea creatures.

Advanced Training Lab

Mission: SPACE is one of the more thrilling rides found at Walt Disney World. Guests will simulate taking a space craft to Mars or orbiting around the planet. As you exit this attraction you find yourself in the Advanced Training Lab. Here youngsters can climb in the indoor play structure or compete in video games on the larger than life screen. You can access this cool spot without having to go on the ride by entering the Mission: SPACE gift shop. This whole area is located on the Eastern side of Future World.

Test Track

Test Track is another thrilling attraction and still one of the most popular at Disney World. But when you’re exiting the attraction you find yourself immersed in an extravagant Chevrolet exhibition. There’s a spot where you can create a commercial based on the vehicle you created in the ride. There’s a spot you can race your car on a track against other cars. For anyone who loves cars, it’s the perfect spot to spend some of your day.


There is one main path that takes you through World Showcase. But this path only takes you to the highlight of each pavilion, you have to go off of the main track to really get into these country pavilions. It’s off of these paths that you’ll discover galleries, entertainment, attractions, restaurants and scavenger hunts. Do the Kidcot Fun Stops and pick up a postcard at each of the pavilions, this will make you go deeper into the pavilions.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Epcot is boring. There is so much to explore. You just have to be willing to go beyond the most popular attractions. Gift yourself time to stop and enjoy the place you are in, instead of rushing off to the next thing. You may find yourself relaxing and creating lifelong memories. For more posts on Epcot check these out:

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