What we’re doing NOW for our January 2020 Vacation

Our trip to Walt Disney World is fast approaching. We are now 80 days away from our vacation. Our dining reservations have long past but there are still quite a few things we need to start working on before our vacation.


It’s time for us to purchase our tickets. Many people book everything at once. We don’t. We always book our rooms with our DVC points months ahead of time. We then pay for our passes and then we typically add on the dining plan a couple weeks before our vacation. We need to buy our passes before our FastPass reservation window opens. We also like to wait to buy our tickets in the Fall before our vacations because this is when, over the last number of years, Disney releases their Canadian Residents Park Passes. We Canadian get reduced park passes, if we’re buying tickets for 4 days or more. So we’re glad we held off but we now need to buy these tickets.

Measuring our Kids

Our kids are 6, 4, and 9 months. Which means they’re still too young to ride every single ride. For each trip we need to measure our kids ahead of time to check which rides they’re even able to ride. It’s important to measure your kids before you book your FastPass + because you don’t want to book FastPasses for attractions they can’t even go on. So we’ve measured our kids to confirm which rides they can and can not go on.


Whenever you stay at a Disney Resort you get a MagicBand included with your vacation. This MagicBand is your key to your room, your tickets into the park, your method of payment at restaurants. These MagicBands can be personalized to have your names on them and you can choose your colour preference. There are MagicBands you can choose that have an additional cost, some have characters on them, or you can purchase them when you arrive and link up all your information to said MagicBand. You can always use a MagicBand from a previous vacation, to find out how to do this check out this previous post. Some of us will be getting new MagicBands for this vacation. Jeff bought a MagicBand on our last vacation and will therefore be using this. Me and the kids will be opting for the MagicBands that come with our reservation. For details on how to personalize your MagicBands check out this previous post.


For each of our park days, before I plan our FastPasses, I like to make an overall plan for our day. I try to make a plan that has us making our way around the parks, instead of going back and forth and going to the same areas over and over. I use our dining plans to figure this out as well as our must do’s for each park. Getting our must do’s done earlier in the day to make sure we actually get to do them before the crowds get heavy in the afternoon. Once I have the itinerary figured out it makes planning the FastPasses much easier.

FastPass Plans

In 20 days we’ll be able to book our FastPasses. We are planning which FastPasses we want for each of our park days. We’re planning six park days, one park per day. We have an idea of which attractions we want to grab passes for and based on our itinerary what times we’ll be in that area of the park. At Magic Kingdom, we’re planning on getting passes for each of the mountains. At Epcot, Spaceship Earth and Test Track. At Hollywood Studios, Slinky Dog Dash for our first day. The second day, Tower of Terror and Rock’n’Roller Coaster. At Animal Kingdom, Rapids and likely Na’Vi River Journey because it’s suitably for the whole family, the wait is not.


Summer clothes are being packed away so I’m taking the opportunity to try them on our kids to see what they need for our vacation. I always like our kids to have clothing to go along with the park we’re going to that day or the characters they’re meeting. So now that I’ve looked through the kids clothes I know what to keep my eyes out for between now and January.

Anniversary Plans

Just before our trip we’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary. What better way then to do it during our Disney Vacation. So we need to nail down some specific plans. We know which night we’ll go out but we don’t know for sure what we’ll do. We may do a nice meal at one of the Signature restaurants or the wine and dine monorail tour. Now that we’re getting close to the dates of our trip hopefully we can firm up what’s available while we’re there.

In my opinion, you can never do too much planning. The more you look at your trips plans, the more you’ll be able to visualize it in your mind and be able to enjoy the moments while your on vacation instead of worrying where you’re going and when. For more posts on planning your vacation, take a look at these previous posts:

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