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What Transportation is available at Walt Disney World?

Getting around Walt Disney World can be daunting. The resort is absolutely massive. Getting from one end of the resort to the other can take 20 minutes. But thankfully Disney World parks has transportation available to guests to make it easier to get from one place to another. Check out all the methods of transportation found at Walt Disney World and where it can take you.


There are several boats used for transportation at Walt Disney World resort. There are boats to bring guests from resorts to certain theme parks. There are boats to provide travel within parks. There are boats available to guests visiting Disney Springs. Here is a list of the boat transportations available at Walt Disney World Resort.

Magic Kingdom


The ferryboat is a main source of transportation for guests arriving at the Magic Kingdom from the Ticket and Transportation Centre. Guests can board the ferry as one of two ways to access the Magic Kingdom when not staying at one of the Disney World resorts. For more on this click here.

Magic Kingdom Resort Area

All of the 5 Magic Kingdom resorts have boat transportation to the Magic Kingdom. A boat is shared between the Grand Floridian and Polynesian, and each of the other resorts have their own boat or share depending on the time of year or busyness of the day.


There is boat transportation provided inside the Epcot theme park. During peak season there are two boat launches open, one taking you from Future World to Morocco and back. The other taking you from Germany to Future World and back. Using this transportation can save you lots of time on your feet and can be a nice break from the heat.

There’s also boat transportation to Epcot from Hollywood Studios. Perfect for guests who plan to park hop.

Crescent Lake Resorts

The 5 Crescent Lake resorts share a boat transportation service. This boat transportation service takes guests to Epcot and Hollywood Studios as well as all the other Crescent Lake Resorts.

Hollywood Studios

Guests can gain access to Hollywood Studios by taking the boat transportation from any of the 5 Crescent Lake resorts or from Epcot. The boat starts at Epcot, stops at each of the resorts, and stops at Hollywood Studios.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs has a boat that provides transportation from one end of Disney Springs to the other. The boat has three stops: the West Side, Town Center and Marketplace. There is also boat transportation to and from Disney Springs at Old Key West Resort, Saratoga Springs, Port Orleans – French Quarter and Riverside.


The highway in the sky, as it’s called, the Monorail is available to all guests. This method of transportation has multiple cars and allows guests to stand or sit while being transported from one place to another. Check out where the monorail is used at Walt Disney World resort.

Magic Kingdom

The monorail can be used to gain access to the Magic Kingdom via the Ticket and Transportation centre. It’s one of two ways to gain entry into the Magic Kingdom. For more on that click here.


The monorail can be used to get to and from Epcot from the Ticket and Transportation centre. The monorail to and from Epcot only goes to the Ticket and Transportation centre, it does not connect to any of the monorail resorts.

Magic Kingdom Resorts

3 of the Magic Kingdom resorts have the monorail attached to it or running through it. This monorail track stops at each of the 3 resorts, the ticket and transportation centre and the Magic Kingdom. This is an easy way for guests to gain access to the many restaurants found at these resorts, like Chef Mickey’s and 1900 Park Fare. The resorts on the monorail are Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Polynesian Resort and Grand Floridian Resort.


The newest addition to the Disney World transportation fleet is the Skyliner. These gondola style buckets swing high over head, transporting guests from a few resorts, and from Hollywood Studios to Epcot and back.


Guests can use the Skyliner to gain access to Epcot. The Skyliner gate is located at Epcot’s World Showcase entrance, placing guests in the United Kingdom pavilion. The Skyliner taking guests to Epcot is located at Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios

Guests can gain access to Hollywood Studios by using the Skyliner Transportation from Epcot as well as the Caribbean Beach Resort, Riviera Resort, Art of Animation Resort and Pop Century Resort.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and Riviera Resort

There’s a Skyliner station located at the Caribbean Beach Resort shared with the Riviera Resort. This gives any guest access to these resorts, with their fantastic dining, including Disney World’s newest Character restaurant.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Pop Century Resort

These two value resorts share a Skyliner station. This allows other guests easy access to these great resorts, as well as Art of Animation and Pop Century guests easy access to Hollywood Studios and Epcot.


There are several pathways found around Walt Disney World giving guests the ability to get where they want to go with just their feet. Here are the locations that have pathways and where they lead to. One of the things I love about pathways is not having to wait. You are ready and you go.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom has two pathways leading to the entrance. One goes to Disney’s Contemporary Resort. The other goes to the Grand Floridian Resort.


Epcot has a pathway entrance at its World Showcase entrance. This pathway comes from the Crescent Lake resorts, but can be accessed from Hollywood Studios as well.

Hollywood Studios

Guests can get to Hollywood Studios by using the pathway that connects Epcot and Hollywood Studios. This pathway goes around the Crescent Lake Resorts, and therefore gives guests of these resorts quick and easy access to Hollywood Studios.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs has two pathways leading away from the Shopping District, both of these pathways lead to resorts. The one exiting the Marketplace takes guests to the Congress Park area of Saratoga Springs, the other heads towards Saratoga Springs and Old Key West.

Grand Floridian and Polynesian Village

There is a pathway between the neighbouring resorts, Grand Floridian Resort and Polynesian Village. This pathway gives guests easy access between the two resorts, expanding your easy options for dining as well as pool access.

Crescent Lake Resorts

The 5 Crescent Lake Resorts have a connecting pathway. When followed, it takes you around the lake and branches off to the neighbouring theme parks, Epcot and Hollywood Studios, as well as the Swan and Dolphin Resorts.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom Lodge has Jambo House, the main resort, and Kidani Village, the sister DVC resort. The two buildings are not connected but have a shared pathway that allows guests to easily access each others amenities. The pathway is found around the parking lots, away from the savanna.

Saratoga Springs and Old Key West

Saratoga Springs and Old Key West are two DVC resorts that are located directly beside each other. They are mainly connected by the Lake Buena Vista golf course. There is a pathway that allows guests to easily move back and forth between the resorts.

Art of Animation Resort and Pop Century

These two value resorts are across the water from each other. There is a pathway that can take guests all the way around the water in an oddly shaped oval. There’s also the pathway that goes directly across the water, giving guests access to the Skyliner.

Caribbean Resort and Riviera Resort

These neighbouring resorts not only share views and a lake, but they also have a connecting pathway that travels all through both resorts. Making it very easy for guests to enjoy both pools as well as the fantastic dining found at both resorts.

Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness

Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness are closely located, when you look on the map you can see how close they are to each other. It’s hard to tell when you’re at either of these places because the wooded areas are so thick. But they are close together and there is a pathway that connects the two resorts. This pathway can be used to give guests access to each other’s dining and pools. Both Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness rent bicycles which can be driven along this connecting pathway to give guests more places to explore.

Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside

These two moderate resorts are stationed right next to each other. There is a pathway that connects the two resorts to each other.


The largest, most common method of transportation at Walt Disney World are the buses. There are buses taking guests to every corner of the resort. There is a bus station at each of the parks, waters parks and Disney Springs. Each resort has a bus station where guests can pick up their bus. The larger resorts have several bus stations around the resort so guests don’t have to walk miles before even getting to the parks. Take a look at where the buses take guests to and from.

Theme Parks

Each of the resorts have bus transportation to the theme parks, with a few exceptions. If a resort has more than one method of transportation to the theme park, ie boat and monorail, there is no bus. Disney’s Boardwalk for example does not have a bus to Epcot because there is a walkway as well as a boat taking guests to the park.

Water Parks

There are buses running to the two Disney Water Parks but these buses do not run through the whole resort. What I mean by this is, if you are staying at a resort that has multiple bus stop, ie Saratoga Springs, Port Orleans, Caribbean Beach, the water park bus only goes to the main lodge. Therefore guests must either walk to the main building or take a bus to the main building and then wait for the bus there.

Disney Springs

There is a bus that takes guests to Disney Springs, Disney World’s shopping district. This bus has one station for the whole area.

5 Methods of Transportation to be used during your trip to Walt Disney World. Make sure to familiarize yourself with which transportations are available for your resort. Each of the bus stations have a handy screen that provide information on when to expect the transportation to arrive from each theme park, water park and Disney Springs. Transportation is a great service available to all those staying at one of the Disney World resorts, one of the many benefits to staying. For more information on a stay at Walt Disney World check out these previous posts:

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