What to expect at Epcot while it’s under construction 2020

There are major changes coming to Walt Disney World’s theme park Epcot. There are additional attractions being added to the park this calendar year, for details on those click here. There’s a grand scale reconstruction happening with Future World, which is the main entrance to the park, as well as a huge attraction being worked on in Future World East. This construction is unlike anything we’ve seen in quite a while at Walt Disney World. This construction is tearing away huge buildings that once housed shops, eateries, and attractions. Unlike the most recent construction found at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, which was done in brand new areas to the park. This is happening directly in guests line of sight and pathways. There are a few things you need to know about the construction happening at Epcot that is going to affect your visit to this Disney World theme park in 2020.

  1. Shopping

Epcot’s largest shop Mouse Gear is currently moved to a temporary location. This has always been one of my favourite shops to purchase items on Walt Disney World property. When it’s in working order there are large areas for each person in your party. A large apparel section for kids, women and men. A great selection of accessories, jewelry, handbags, high end items, budget wise pieces. I always found something at this store that I couldn’t find anywhere else on property. On our babymoon we found our eldest daughter the coolest pair of Minnie Mouse heels here. Due to the current reconstruction of Epcot, this store has been majorly downsized. It can be found in the shadow of Test Track and MISSION: Space. It is a quarter of the normal size of the store, the items are mismatched and are mainly the popular items you’ll find at the main stores on property. Definitely not one you need to hit to find a must buy purchase.

2. Pathways

If you are familiar with Epcot and know your way around fairly easily, you’ll have to grab a map this time around. If you’re used to cutting through one of the four large buildings found in Future World, one of those buildings no longer exists. As you are walking to World Showcase through central Future World there are large barricades where they are tearing away these old buildings. There is a new pathway open though to create more of a flow from the entrance of Epcot to Future World West. Just as you walk under Spaceship Earth there is a pathway on your right taking you directly to The Seas and The Land. Just do yourself a favour and take a look at an updated map before you leave for your vacation.


There are large barricades found all over Future World. This is to block the ongoing construction. There are large barricades and billboards found in the centre of Future World where the large buildings are being torn down. There’s large barricades found in Future World East where the construction is being done on the Guardians of the Galaxy rollercoaster. The Future World fountain is no longer visible. When you’re in Future World and you glance up you can see the large steel beams of the buildings being torn down. Not the ideal backdrop for your insta worthy pictures.

4. runDisney events

If you’re going to be participating in any of the runDisney events this year the final miles are totally different than days past. Typically you would finish off running the final miles in the shadow of the monorail, beside the spray of the Future World fountain and under the glow of Spaceship Earth. In 2020, you’re going to be running in amongst the construction of the backstage area of Epcot. Not the most glamorous, and not the most safe. You need to watch your footing and watch out for plenty of poles and curbs. Don’t veer off the main path.

World Showcase is basically untouched right now. This will change as they start construction on shifting parts to the United Kingdom pavilion to Cherry Tree Lane. The park is so large, the construction didn’t affect the flow of guest traffic. It’s just important to be aware of looking at up to date information and up to date maps because they will constantly be changing this year as they close more and more areas to create this exciting new era of Epcot. For more tips for your visit to Epcot check out these previous posts:

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