What to Expect at Disney World When It ReOpens In July 2020

Disney Springs has begun to reopen after all of Walt Disney World resort closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The next part of Disney World to reopen is set to be the majority of the resorts found at Walt Disney World. As of right now these resorts are expected to open on June 22nd. According to the information provided from our Disney Vacation Club email, they are hoping to reopen the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11th. Hollywood Studios and Epcot are expected to open on July 15th. It is being made clear that when the parks reopen this will not be business as usual. There will be many changes made to keep the guests and the cast members safe. So what are some of these changes? Take a look at a few that have been released.

No Fireworks

As of right now, when the parks reopen there will be no fireworks to decrease the crowding of mass groups of people. Encouraging guests to adhere to social distancing expectations. There are no details right now when they expect to resume these.

No Nighttime Shows

Same as fireworks, there will be no nighttime shows. This means Rivers of Light at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios will not be running until further notice.

No Parades

There is currently only one parade being performed at Disney World, the Festival of Fantasy parade will not be performed at the Magic Kingdom until further notice. This is to reduce crowds and encourage traffic flow and distancing guests.


Guests of the parks will be expected to wear masks while in the parks unless they are eating and drinking. Cast Members will also be wearing masks. The only exception to this rule will be children 3 and under.

Less Guests

There will be less guests admitted to the parks. As of right now, there are no tickets being sold. Guests that already have tickets will be contacted by Walt Disney World and given directions on how they can be used.

Reservation Admission

Guests planning on going to the parks will have to make a specific reservation of the day they will be going to the park. Guests who already have tickets purchased are going to be contacted on how to adjust their current tickets. This does mean that the parks will sell out and you will only be admitted if you have a reservation.

Annual Passholders and DVC Members

As of right now, it appears that annual passholders and DVC members will have precedent over guests that do not have tickets already purchased. Passholders will have an opportunity to make reservations before the public on when they will be going to the parks. DVC members are still able to make reservations at their resorts, while the public is currently unable to do so.

There are many other assumptions that we can make about lines, restaurants, admission lines, and transportation. And all this information is based on what has been sent to the authorities and still has to be approved. The only way we’ll know for sure how things will go will be once the gates are opened.

We’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on what things look like once things have reopened and be adjusting our plans accordingly. Stay safe friends and keep dreaming.