Trip Update 2017

This morning we were supposed to be on a flight to Orlando. About to enjoy a week away with our family and one of our favourite places. Like so many others we changed our plans due to Hurricane Irma. With the danger and devastation in Florida right now we felt it a wise choice to stay home. Our kids have handled it so well, especially since we spent so much time building up this trip. Counting down the days and planning our days at Disney together. My biggest concern in all of this is the trust our littles have for us. We had told them we were going on this great vacation and now we can not. They are so small and I don’t want to them to take what we say to them with grain of salt, I want them to claim it as truth.

With that said we are heading down to a local resort for a few days, to spend days by the pool, wandering the beach and creating new and unexpected memories. We will not be heading back down to Florida until the new year as there is very little availability in the coming months. The new “plan” is to return to Walt Disney World in January to celebrate our daughter’s 5th birthday. We’re hoping we’ll go for a longer trip, maybe stay somewhere different. What I’ve been reminded of in the last few days as we’ve been deciding where to go in lieu of Florida, we choose to vacation every year to spend time together as a family, away from the business of our every day lives. Away from the commitments and distractions that can come up even when you plan on having a “staycation”. So whether we are in Walt Disney World or on a lake in Northern New Brunswick, what I love about vacationing is being apart with the people I love. So stay tuned as we put together another vacation with have every intention on taking. Happy Planning Friends.