Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation: Personalized MagicBands

MagicBands are a fun part of vacationing at Walt Disney World. They can be purchased before your vacation at any Disney Store or on the Disney Store’s website. You can reuse MagicBands from previous vacations. Those that are staying at a Walt Disney World resort will receive one for each party member as a part of their resort package. U.S. visitors receive them in the mail before departing for their vacation. International visitors receive them upon arrival. You can personalize these MagicBands up to a month before your arrival date. If you don’t personalize them they will choose a colour for you. Today’s post is all about personalizing your MagicBand.

You want to personalize your MagicBand so your band is unique from the rest of your party. By each having a different colour it’s easier in the rush of the morning to know whose is whose. Each individual MagicBand is already unique, having an individual number on the inside of the bracelet. You can also add a name to the inside of the bracelet up to 9 characters.

To customize your party’s MagicBand head to and log in to MyDisneyExperience. Hoover over the MyDisneyExperience heading and MagicBand and Cards will be listed in the bottom half of the drop down box. Click that.

This link will take you to page that has your upcoming vacation listed. If your vacation is not listed here scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click the link icon to link up your reservations which will allow you to personalize your MagicBands. Otherwise you will receive a random colour MagicBand.

Click the Get Started icon to start customizing your MagicBands. The following page will have your address, plus all the members of your party listed. You will then customize each individual MagicBand. Click customize on the MagicBand you wish to create.

Select the colour you wish, and then add the personalized name or nickname you want to appear on the inside of the band. Click save.

Once your selection has been saved you will be directed back to your list of MagicBands. The one you have just personalized should be changed to the colour you have selected. You then do the same with all the other members of your party.

That’s it. Easy as that. If you are staying at multiple resorts during your Walt Disney World vacation, I would suggest declining your other MagicBands so you don’t need to be packing three boxes of MagicBands in your luggage. For this upcoming vacation we have personalized our MagicBands for our stay at Saratoga Springs and will decline the MagicBands for the other resorts to keep things simple. Happy Planning Friends.