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Trip Preparation: Magical Express Baggage Tags

When you’re staying at a Walt Disney World resort there are many benefits. One is the Magical Express and the Magical Express Baggage Tags. You put these baggage tags on your luggage and by the Magic of Disney your bags appear at your hotel room a few hours after your arrival. I’ll tell you friends, these baggage tags had me skeptical. I like to be IN CONTROL. The idea of leaving the airport without my luggage terrified me. So much so that it took three vacations of my husband insisting we try it to finally give in. Being from East Coast Canada we typically have quite a few stops before we make it to the Orlando International Airpot.

The first time we used the luggage we had 2 layovers. At the Philadelphia airport our plane was not functioning properly so they had to arrange another plane to take us to Orlando. I was confident we would never see our luggage again. Of all the trips to try this on, now when we got to the Orlando airport we would have no idea if our bags were missing. We would only find out hours later at our resort. We had packed all of our necessities in our carry ons just in case. We arrived at Saratoga Springs, checked in and headed to our room. We explored the resort, which is a beautiful place if you’ve never been to Saratoga Springs. It took a few hours for our luggage to appear at our room. Not too bad considering all the places I can only image it had been.  We had a similar wait on our last two trips, but I was much more relaxed about it all.

To sum up, I don’t think this is necessarily for everyone. If you like to get to your room, unpack and get settled you should just leave the tags at home and pick up your bags as you normally would. If you’re willing to forgo having some of your things right away and start your vacation the minute you get off the plane then you should really give this a try. Not having to wait for your luggage at a carousel is reason enough for me to keep using Magical Express Baggage Tags.

These baggage tags arrive at your home via mail a few weeks before your trip. You will have one for each member of your party.

Be sure to bring all your necessities in your carry on. Including bathing suits. This way when you arrive you can start playing right away. This is something I like. It forces us to have fun from the get go. We put on our swim suits and head to the pool for vacation day number 1.

If you’ve had a better or worse experience then me, please email me. I’d love to hear about you and your families experience.

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