Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation: Disney’s Magical Express Mail

As you are counting down the days until your Disney trip you’ll start receiving pieces of mail that will help you with your trip planning. One of these is your Disney’s Magical Express Information & Luggage Tags. This will come in the mail approximately a month before your trip. Inclosed will be your luggage tags for your bags and a sheet of paper. Both are important. The luggage tags are to be put on any piece of luggage you plan on checking. All bags that have these tags on them will be transported directly from Orlando International Airport to your Walt Disney World resort. The information page does not seem very important. It has information about where to find the Magical Express at the Airport, Resort Airline Check-In Service and so on. What makes this piece of paper important is the bar code at the top. This bar code will be used to sign you in for your Magical Express bus. Without this piece of paper you will have to check in at the Magic Express desk where they will retrieve your reservation before sending you to wait in line for your bus. Now this doesn’t seem like it would a big deal to stop at the desk but if you are anything like our family once you arrive in Orlando you want to get the fun of your vacation started. There may be a line at the desk, it will take them a few minutes to get your information. Needless to say it prolongs your wait to starting your vacation. In the meantime you may miss a bus that is in the parking lot and find you and your party waiting for the next one to arrive. If you live in the United States and have received your MagicBands this Magic Express reservation information will be on here, so you don’t need this sheet. I would still bring it with you just in case the system is down or your MagicBand does not work.

So be sure to keep these luggage tags and reservation page in a safe place where you can find it. Pack it with your essentials, like passport and plane tickets. Enjoying knowing your trip to Walt Disney World is that much closer.

Happy Planning.