Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation: Countdown to Disney

A great thing about Christmas is the anticipation. Everywhere you go the holiday spirit is prominent. It creates excitement and anticipation for the BIG day. Advent calendars are a staple for many individuals. Keeping this in mind, last year I created a Countdown to Disney.

30 characters were printed, cut and taped to the garden doors. Every morning we got to take 1 character down from the doors. We would then count how many days were left until our trip to Walt Disney World. It created such an excitement and anticipation. It added a whole new element to our trip preparation.

I made sure we had an equal number of female characters and male characters. I also made sure to include characters we would be meeting to keep them in the forefront of everyones minds. This was another way to introduce characters to the kids that they weren’t as familiar with. This was a huge success and I’ll be sure to do it again for our next trip.