Trip Preparation: Book Magical Express

If you’re family is anything like ours, you book your Disney vacation in pieces. Maybe you book your resort first, your dining and then your flights. If you use a travel agent you probably do everything at once. But for those of you who do it all yourselves, you need to make sure you book your Magical Express, if you’re flying. Once you have secured your flights you need to call (407) 939-1936 for US and Canada. UK, you need to call 0800 16 90 730. By providing Disney’s Magical Express you’re travel information they will be expecting you. All they’re looking for is your flight information. They’ll get your flight dates and flight number. You can still use the Magical Express service if you forget this step. The bus service is provided to all those staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel. All you have to do is head to the bottom floor of the baggage claim area of the Orlando International Airport and provide them your Disney Reservation information. They’ll accommodate you.

The advantage to calling and booking your magical express ahead of time is The Wait. If you do not have a Magical Express reservation then you will have to wait for a Customer Service agent to help you at the airport. Sometimes this desk is not very busy but other times the line is long and you could be waiting 20 to 30 minutes to just speak with someone. After speaking with the agent you still have to wait for your bus to arrive. By booking your magical express you skip this hassle and are able to go immediately to waiting for your bus or right onto your bus, if it’s waiting.

Another advantage to booking ahead of time is receiving your Magical Express mail. Another sign that your trip is that much closer!

Disney Vacation Club members, did you know you can simply submit a Magical Express request. Of course you can always call Member services but you can also do it online. Simply head to the dvc website and under My DVC Membership click My Vacations.

Close to the bottom of the page on your left hand side you’ll see a picture of a bus. Follow the submit a request link and this will bring you to the page with information about Disney’s Magical Express. In the first paragraph follow the link to submit your request. Done and done!

Now friends this shuttle service is only provided from Orlando International Airport. It is approximately a 45 minute ride depending on which resort you are staying at. This bus stops at a number of resorts so your resort may not be the first or the second. They do provide entertainment on the bus, but be sure to have some of your littles comfort items if it’s late or they’ve had a long travel day. Happy Planning Friends.