Trip Chronicles: My Wish List

Friends, we leave for Walt Disney World tomorrow! Our trip has finally arrived. After months of planning and days of counting down, we have finally reached departure time. Over the last number of weeks I’ve been sharing our family’s wish list. From MacKenzie to Lincoln and then last week I shared my husband Jeff’s plans for our holiday. Now it is my turn.

With each of the other members of our family we focused on the attractions, the characters and the food. So here’s my wish list in all those categories.


I can’t wait to ride on the Dwarf’s Mine Train as a family. With both kids being in the 38” height requirement, we all get to ride this ride, and we can all do it together. I know in years to come that our family enjoying rides together will be the norm. But for right now this is new and exciting.

Space Mountain. Friends it has been way to long since I’ve enjoyed this ride. The last time I rode this ride was in 2013. Last time I didn’t ride it because our days got filled with other attractions and the other vacations in recent years I’ve been pregnant. You better believe I will be taking this space adventure.

Flights of Passage. There’s nothing like experiencing something for the very first time. I have no point of reference for this attraction. I’ve looked at no videos on You Tube and tried to steer clear of images on Instagram. I love having a fresh perspective with no expectations.


Storm Troopers. I have been a Star Wars fan since I was young. I spent hours imagining myself as Princess Leia fighting for the rebel alliance. This is strongly due to Star Tours. After a visit to MGM Studios our parent’s bought the trilogy and we watched them over and over again. Watching the March of the First Order is going to be amazing.

Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder, Ariel and Prince Eric. We are dining at Trattoria Al Forno for a character breakfast which will feature these four characters. I’ve always loved meeting the different princesses but in later years I’ve enjoy meeting the royal couples. Watching them interact with each other is a treat. So I’m not so much looking forward to meeting all these characters individually it’s more seeing them together. I can’t wait to see that smoulder again.


7 out of our 9 table-service restaurants I have never dined at before. Mainly because I used to stick to what I knew and loved but also because there is so much dining to discover at Walt Disney World. The only way to discover it all is to try something new every single time and hope they don’t change anything. The restaurant I’m most looking forward to trying is The Plaza Restaurant on Main Street U.S.A. This dining experience has been around for decades. With great views of Cinderella’s castle and an appealing menu, I can’t believe I’ve never eaten a meal here.

I do have a list of food goals. Things I want to make sure to eat while we’re vacationing at Walt Disney World. On that list is Epcot’s Festival of the Arts. I plan on enjoying a ridiculous amount of snack credits during our Epcot day by stopping at many of these kiosks along World Showcase.

One of the pieces on my wish list that I didn’t add to anyone else’s list is activities. I’m very excited to get some runs in on the trails at Wilderness Lodge. I plan on participating in a short race at Saratoga Springs called the Derby Run and I want to partake in a least one of the Sunrise Yoga sessions during our vacation. Running is a big part of my life. It was before I had kids, before I met Jeff. I’m my best self when I’ve put in a couple miles so I will make sure that I get at least two runs in during this epic vacation.

The priorities for me, for this vacation, is to celebrate our time together as a family. To watch and enjoy these young children, while they are young and are not running wild around the parks to get on that new ride. This is a moment in time I want to stop, watch, listen, participate and savour. I’ll be sure to post throughout our stay so keep checking back for updates. Where I will be posting the most will be on Instagram so be sure to watch for Insta Stories. Happy Planning, Friends.