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The Worst Lines for Kids at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

When visiting Disney World theme parks, you know you are going to be spending time waiting in line for the rides, meeting the characters, buying merchandise. It’s to be expected. Even with the best FastPass planning, you’re going to be waiting in line. There are some rides that have better lines than others. There are lines that have interactive elements that help the time pass. Whereas others have nothing for guests to do but twiddle their thumbs. We’ve compiled a list of rides at Disney’s Magic Kingdom that have the most boring lines. This way you’ll be prepared with things to do with your kids to help the wait go by faster. For ideas on what to do in line click here. Here are the 8 rides that have the worst lines for kids at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Tomorrowland Speedway. Tomorrowland.

This family favourite is suitable for guests 32 inches and taller. The line for this attraction winds up a ramp. The line moves slowly, and the only thing to look at is the speedway down below. It’s one we try to FastPass if we’re planning on riding it.

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet. Adventureland.

This attraction is another version of Dumbo’s Flying Elephant. But the line has nothing to do in it. The line winds around and all there is for guests to do is look at the ride flying in the sky.

Jungle Cruise. Adventureland.

Jungle Cruise’s line moves fairly quickly and there are things on the walls of the outdoor line to look at but if you’re visiting with kids who can’t read, it’s not going to divert their attention.

Astro Orbiter. Tomorrowland.

This line is a two parter. There’s a line on the ground level waiting to board the elevator that will take you up to the Astro Orbiter. And then once you reach the level of the ride there will be another very short line. This line is one of the worst because you can’t even see what you are waiting in line to ride. And the line separator is a chain, just asking for kids to hang off of.

it’s a small world. Fantasyland.

One of the most popular rides at Walt Disney World is it’s a small world after all, which means the line is almost always long. Because the boat carries so many people, the line will move fairly quickly, but it’s your classic snake line with nothing to look at and entertain you.

Peter Pan’s Flight. Fantasyland.

A very popular FastPass choice, because it appeals to both genders and has guests flying in a pirate ship. Peter Pan’s Flight has one of the longest wait times at the Magic Kingdom and one of the most boring lines. It’s another snake style line with a simple chain separating parts of the line.

Prince Charming’s Carrousel. Fantasyland.

One of the worst parts about the line for the carrousel is it stops and starts. The line will move when guests are loaded onto the attraction and then stops as the Carrousel spins. Because of the location of the carrousel, in the middle of Fantasyland, guests can enjoy people watching, but it can get very overwhelming to see the size of the crowds. This line is also not shaded. So be sure to get this one out of the way early in the day.

Mad Tea Party. Fantasyland.

The last on the list is the Mad Tea Party. An attraction that is classic and a must on most people’s list, the Mad Tea Party is another line that simply snakes around with a small chain separating the line. At least with this line, guests can see what they are waiting for but the wait can certainly be painful as the line stops and starts as the ride does.

There are certainly other attractions that can have big lines but many of them move pretty consistently because of the attraction constantly being boarded. Or there will be elements of the line that draw guests attention to help the time past.

Consider the monotony of the line when picking out your FastPass choices. Even if you spend more time in line at an attraction, if you’re enjoying the entertaining element it’s a win.

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