The Shortest Ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. 32 inches and Taller at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

The Magic Kingdom is the best theme park to bring young kids to. There are 31 attractions that don’t require your child to be of any particular height. Which means the whole family can ride the attractions together. It also has a few attractions that are a little bit more thrilling for young visitors. These do require guests to be of a certain height. The shortest height category at the Magic Kingdom is 32 inches. This is going to be when your child is approximately 2 years old. There’s only one attraction found in this height category and it’s in Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland Speedway

Let your little take control of the wheel at the Tomorrowland Speedway. With one wheel, a pedal and break, this car makes its way around a course and the wheel really controls the car. When kids are very young they can barely see over the side of the car. It’s fun to let them take control of the wheel and see how manipulating the wheel can move the car. It’s quite a long ride that takes you over an over pass and under an overpass. The cars do use gas so it certainly smells when you’re waiting to disembark. Two guests can ride in one car. I strongly recommend grabbing a FastPass for this attraction if you have young ones because it is very popular.

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