The NEW Disney Dining Plan: Disney Dining Plus

Disney World NOW has four dining plans. Dining Plans can be added to your vacation package when you are staying at one of the Disney resorts. You pay a flat fee and receive credits that can be used at restaurants found throughout Walt Disney World property. They can be used at the restaurants located at all four theme parks, Disney Springs, the resorts and the water parks. The newest Dining Plan is called Disney Dining Plan Plus.

So here’s the details you WANT to KNOW about the new dining plan Disney Dining Plus:


The cost of the Disney Dining Plus dining plan is $94.61/adult/night and $32.86/child/night. Now if you are staying at Walt Disney World during their free dining plan season, which typically falls in the Fall, the cost will differ. The plans that are included are Quick-Service Dining Plan for value and moderate resorts and Disney Dining Plan for deluxe resorts and deluxe villas. When you opt for a higher plan during this season there’s an uncharge but you get a considerable discount.


For each night of your stay on the Disney Dining Plus dining plan each guest will receive 2 credits that can be used at any quick-service or table service restaurant. Each guest will also receive 2 snack credits for each night of their stay and of course the refillable mug. Credits used at a quick-service restaurant will include an entree and beverage (either alcoholic or non). Credits used at a table service restaurant for breakfast will include an entree and beverage (either alcoholic or non). Credits used at a table service restaurant for lunch or dinner will include an entree, dessert and beverage (alcoholic or non). When using these credits at restaurants that are prix fixed, like Trattoria al Forno breakfast or Storybook Dining at Artist Point, 1 credit per person will be used.


So what’s the difference between this dining plan and the Disney Dining Plan, the dining plan below it, and the Deluxe Dining Plan, the dining plan above it. The difference is found in the credits for restaurants. The Disney Dining Plan also gives guests 2 meal credits a night but 1 has to be used at table service restaurant and the other has to be used at a quick-service restaurant. The Deluxe Dining Plan has 3 meal credits each night. These credits can be used wherever you want. You can use them at quick-service restaurants or table service restaurants. The other difference is going to be the cost. The Disney Dining Plan cost is $79.42/night and the Deluxe Dining Plan is $120.41/night. Putting the Disney Dining Plan Plus slightly above the Disney Dining Plan but much lower than the Deluxe Plan. When you’re on the Deluxe Plan you do receive appetizers with each of your meals during the lunch and dinner which brings up the cost.


What the Disney Dining Plus offers guests is flexibility. It gives guests the choice to sit down at more table service restaurants or grab more quick-service meals depending on what your trip is going to look like. It’s also going to give guests more flexibility to dine at the Signature restaurants. These restaurants are a cut above the rest and are reflected in the cost. They are more expensive and therefore require 2 table service meal credits. With the Disney Dining Plan guests are required to rob from one of their other days to get the credits they need. Guests on the Plus plan will now have enough credits on any given day of their vacation to pay for the meal.


To make this plan work best for you, and make sure you regain your dining plan investment, there’s a few tricks I would use:

  1. Eat at as many buffets as possible. Buffets are some of the most expensive meals on property, with the exception of Signature restaurants.
  2. Eat at as many table service as possible. This is where your higher price bills are going to be and this is where you’ll see the value, especially at lunch and dinner when dessert is included.
  3. Eat out for breakfast and eat out for dinner. Use your credits for a table service/buffet style breakfast and table service/buffet style dinner. This will spread out your bigger meals to make sure you’re not still full by the time dinner rolls around.
  4. Use snack credits for lunches.
  5. Always order alcohol. Ordering drinks that are alcoholic will bring up the cost of your bill, and your daily total closer to your dining plan investment.

We’re talking about adding this plan to our vacation in December. We didn’t add a dining plan to our last Disney vacation and totally regretted it. From now on we know we’ll always be adding a dining plan, it will just be a matter of which one will best suit the style of vacation we’re taking. Happy Planning, Friends.