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The 2 Best Restaurants at Hollywood Studios on the Disney Dining Plan

Hollywood Studios has a very small selection of restaurants to dine at. For a sit down restaurant there are only 5 restaurants that you have to choose from, and one of them is a Signature restaurant. Choosing the right restaurant for your day at Hollywood Studios means finding one that offers cuisine that you’ll enjoy. If you’re on a Disney Dining Plan than you also want to choose one that’s going to give you the best chance to make back the money you’ve already spent on the plan.

The Disney Dining Plan costs $75 per night per adult. For each night of your stay you get 1 table service meal credit that can be used at a table service restaurant or buffet restaurant, 1 quick-service meal credit, and 2 snack credits. To make sure you are getting the value from your investment. you want to pick table service restaurants/buffet restaurants that are going to give you a bill total close to $65.

Generally speaking, buffet restaurants always give you the best return and this rings true for Hollywood Studios. But if you’re looking to dine somewhere that doesn’t have all kinds of characters, something a bit more traditional check out number 2.

1.Hollywood & Vine

The only buffet restaurant at Hollywood Studios is Hollywood & Vine, this is also the only character restaurant at Hollywood Studios. Hollywood & Vine is location on Echo Lake and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What makes Hollywood & Vine the best restaurant to dine at when you’re on the Disney Dining Plan is the cost per person. Guests will be charged $55 per adult when dining here. Add on a $15 cocktail and you’re bringing your total to $70. Now this is for the lunch and dinner offering, breakfast is always less expensive. So to get yourself closer to that daily spend, choose to dine here for lunch or dinner.

2. Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre

The table service restaurant at Hollywood Studios that is best for those on the Disney Dining Plan is the Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre. This restaurant has diners siting in classic cars watching old movies play out on a big drive in screen. The menu is filled with burgers and fries. The meal that places the Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre on this list is the Flame-Broiled New York Strip Steak. It costs $33. Add on one of the $10 desserts, and a $16 drink, you bring your total to $59. A far cry from the $70 total that you’ll rack up at Hollywood & Vine but it does bring you close to your daily $75 spend. A lot of the menu items are inexpensive so be sure to be choosy about what you order here to make sure you recoup that dining plan spend. Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre is open for lunch and for dinner.

There you have it folks, the two best restaurants to eat at when you’re visiting Hollywood Studios and you’ve purchased the Disney Dining Plan. For more tips on the best restaurants, and worst, to visit when you’re on the Disney Dining Plan check out these previous posts:

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