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Epcot is a wonderful theme park to explore. I find the beauty of this theme park is found in the details put into the many pavilions found around World Showcase. At each of these pavilions you’ll see daily entertainment highlighting the culture represented. At each of these pavilions you’ll also find little eateries that offer that country’s delicacies. If you’re fortunate enough to be visiting Epcot during one of their three festivals there will be even more kiosks, offering even more special eats. If you’re not intentional during your Epcot visit you may miss some of these special spots. So today we’re going to look at the many spots you can choose from to snack at Disney World’s Epcot. Take some time while you’re planning your vacation to look at these different spots’ menus and create a snack goal list to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Popcorn in Canada. Found right on the main drag, Popcorn in Canada serves up ketchup chips and maple popcorn. They’re open from noon until park close.

Refreshment Port. Try out Canada’s specialty the poutine. Refreshment Port is also located on the main strip of World Showcase. Open from 11:30am until park close.


Crepes des Chefs de France. This kiosk is found right after you come over the bridge coming into France. They serve chocolate crepes, crepes with ice cream, crepes with jam. They’re open from 11:30am until park close.

Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie. This french bakery is found at the very back of the pavilion. You’ll have to pass through the gallery to find this spot. Open from park open until park close, giving you a great choice for a snack style breakfast, Les Halles Boulangeries & Patisseries has every french pastry imaginable, along with a variety of sandwich options. Try the Napoleon, a puff pastry layered with cream, an eclair, macaroons, or one of their mousses. This place is definitely on my list to visit at on our next trip.

L’Artisan des Glaces. THE place to grab ice cream at Epcot, L’Artisan des Glaces has at least ten flavours of ice cream and sorbet on any given day. They also serve a Cafe Glace which is cappuccino with ice cream! They’re open from noon until park close and is also located to the rear of this pavilion, just past Monsieur Paul.


Kabuki Cafe. Serving shaved ice, Kabuki Cafe is open from 11:30am until park close. You can choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic varieties of the shaved ice called Kakigori. The cafe also serves some sushi. The cafe is located on the main strip just past The American Adventure.

The American Adventure

Block & Hans. As you enter into the American Adventure, Block & Hans is located on your right and they serve Mickey shaped pretzels. Nothing too special about this one, as you can find these pretzels elsewhere on property. The hut is open from 3:30pm until park close.

Fife and Drum. Turkey legs, ice cream slushies, and tarts are all found at the Fife and Drum. This kiosk is on the main strip of the American Adventure, directly across from the American Gardens Theatre, the location of all performances related to the many festivals found at Epcot.

Funnel Cake. Another food kiosk found at The American Adventure is the Funnel Cake. The funnel cakes come covered in ice cream, sugar, chocolate sauce or cookies. The Funnel Cake kiosk is open from 11am until park close.


Gelati. As you’d expect, this little kiosk serves gelato in all kinds of flavours. They also serve Tiramisu and Cannolis. They’re open from 11am until park close.


Karamell-Küche. Not listed on the Walt Disney World website as a place to dine, Karamell-Kuche is home to all things Werther’s. You can purchase the classic candy or the popcorn covered treat. They serve packaged food to bring home or wait in the long line for fresh treats. This shop is the first in a set of shops, the entrance is located right on the main drag of World Showcase.

Sommerfest. The perfect place to grab a quick bite, Sommerfest is found at the back of the Germany pavilion and serves Sausages. You can grab it and go or sit at one of the few tables in the covered courtyard. They also serve Strudel. Open from 11am until park close.

Refreshment Outpost. Found between China and Germany is the Refreshment Outpost and is where you can find seasonal eats. Christmas celebration? You’ll be sure to find something festive here. A new movie opening in the theatres? They’ll be something here to eat that marks the occasion. You can typically expect the snack to be something sweet. This spot is open from 11:30am until park close.


Joy of Tea. Found in a little kiosk on the main drag of World Showcase, Joy of Tea serves egg rolls and chicken pockets. They also have Tea and Speciality Cocktails. Open from 11am until park close.


Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. Open from park open to park close, this bakery gives guests all kinds of pastry choices from Norway. The most famous being the School Bread. Also on the menu is Lefse, rice cream and sweet pretzels. They also serve a variety of sandwiches and coffees to go along with your eats. The cafe is located just past the church gallery.


Choza de Margarita. This kiosk is found on your left as your entering the Mexican pavilion and as you can imagine their speciality is Margaritas. But they also serve an assortment of food including tacos, guacamole and tostada de Pollo. They open at 11am and close at 9pm.

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