Running Routes

Running Routes: 10K Saratoga Springs

Run around the beautiful Saratoga Springs resort, through the Treehouse Villas and along Disney Springs. There is so much to see in all of these area it makes the time fly by. You’ll be back to the start before you know it. Run this route anytime before 11. After that Disney Springs becomes very busy making it hard to navigate and too congested for enjoyment.


Leave the doors of the Artist’s Palette and run along the High Rocks Springs Pool. Run across the street and between the Springs buildings and head across the bridge. Take a left and hug the water, make a right before you come back towards the bridge and run towards the Carousel buildings. Follow the path that hugs the water and cross the street and head towards the Paddock buildings. Run around the Paddock buildings parking lot and make your way back to the main building passing the Paddock pool on your left. Pass the High Rocks Springs Pool on your left and turn right before the Arcade. Follow the path out of this courtyard and making your way across the street. Run around the southern Springs buildings and make a right at the bridge before running past the remainder of the buildings. Turn right after getting off the bridge and run past the Grandstand buildings on your left. After crossing the street head back towards the main building hugging the water and following the path. Run past the boat launch and across the bridge. When you make your way across the bridge turn right and head towards the Treehouse Villas. Turn onto the next bridge on your right and come into the Treehouse Villa area. Follow the road, turn around when you get to the exit and make your way back. Come back over the bridge, turn left and head back to Saratoga Springs. Pass the Saratoga Spring bridge and run towards Disney Springs. Run through the West Side, The Landing and the Marketplace. Taking the Marketplace bridge instead of going past all the Marketplace stores. Exiting Marketplace hang a left and come back to Saratoga Spring hugging the water while passing Congress Park on your right. Follow the path all the way back to the road and run across the street to loop around the lake one more time, not taking the bridge this time. Loop the lake passing the Grandstand buildings and all the Springs buildings. When you get back to the main building loop around the building one last time and finish at the Artist’s Palette for a well deserved breakfast.