runDisney Costume

The 2020 Disney World Half Marathon is my big return to the half marathon distance. I haven’t run this distance since 2016. Oh it’s been too long my dear friend half marathon. I love training for this distance. The long runs are long enough that I get some much needed time on the roads but not too long that it keeps me away from my family for a chunk of the day. Having registered for this race has been the motivation I needed to stick with a training plan and keep adding on the mileage. I have planned time and time again over the last few years to get back to running halfs but life so quickly gets in the way when you’re a Mom. I mean it gets in the way for a lot of other reasons to I’m sure, but mainly for me it’s wearing the Mom hat first before any other. How I stuck with the training as a Mom of three young kids took a bit of juggling, for the details check out this previous post.

Running a race at Disney World is like no other. The participants are a mix of competitive runners wanting to have a fun time, leisurely walkers and runners excited to be participating in an event and of course the ever focused elites and weekend warriors. Regardless of skill level, many runners dress up for these races. In the past we’ve seen people wearing head to toe costumes, tutus, bounding style running outfits.

Normally I’ve picked up a Halloween costume at one of the Halloween stores after Halloween is over. Grabbing a decent costume for a fraction of the cost. When we went to check out the selection this year, we had waited too long. So instead of wearing a full costume, I’m going to use a few running items along with some accessories to pull off a Maleficent style running costume.

I’m going to wear my black Lululemon running dress that I purchased at a Lululemon outlet a few years back. A pair of black compression socks. A Maleficent Headband. Black armbands and possibly a black cape. I have to purchase the Maleficent Headband, black armbands and the cape. If I can wear this is all dependent on the weather. There have been years that race day is wickedly cold so I may end up wearing my throw away sweater the majority of the race. I’m certainly not so committed to wearing a costume that I’m willing to risk getting sick halfway through our much anticipated vacation.

If you are crafty, and what I mean by crafty is someone who has the ability and desire to sew, there are some really cool costume ideas. I’ve put together a board of ideas on pinterest. Check it out by clicking here. I am pretty excited about this idea because I think the headband will get used many times for Halloween, and the arm bands are a purchase I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. My sneakers are also dark so they should help complete the ensemble. Now if Maleficent ends up being on the course I’ll have it made.

The race is on January 11th, it’s the 3rd race in the big Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. The race begins at 5:30am. This is the first time I’ll be running a runDisney race solo. My first race I ever ran at Disney World was the Princess Half Marathon back in 2009. I went with my Mom and sister. We didn’t run together but we arrived at the starting line together. Every other race I’ve run with my husband. So this year will definitely be different but I’m excited none the less. Be sure to follow me on the instagram to see how I make out during the race. Happy Planning, Friends.