Rides that may get you WET

Walt Disney World has hundreds of attractions found at all four theme parks. There are attractions for every height category, from the smallest to the tallest. Some of these rides are thrill rides whereas others are slow and relaxing. There are a handful that just may have you wishing you brought a change of clothes. Six of the attractions at Walt Disney World are going to have you on water or riding by something that just may spit water out at you. Don’t forget to keep your belongings protected on these rides. Keep all your things in a backpack in the middle of the row or in the provided pouch. If there’s a pouch provided, use it. It’s designed to keep your things safe. Just don’t forget to take your things out after the rides. So take a look at this list before embarking on your park days so you are prepared.

Magic Kingdom

Jungle Cruise

This ride is found in Adventureland, it’s a fun boat ride that’s taking guests on a tour around the African wilderness. During this ride you may have elephants spit water at you. Nothing too alarming or to cause you to require an outfit change.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

When I rode this ride last year I got soaked. There’s a golden camel that sits alongside this ride and it spits out water as the flying carpets soar by. Your carpet has to be in the appropriate spot for them to hit you, so it’s all dependent upon which carpet you happen to board.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is a flume ride so there is one point in the ride where the boat makes a descent which causes a splash. If you are in the front of the boat or on the side you just may end up with a wet bottom. There’s a scene during the ride that has two pirate ships in battle. Your boat travels through the battle placing you in fires way. The cannons make large splashes which just might get you.

Splash Mountain

It’s all there in the name. Splash Mountain has a huge splash at the bottom of its famous descent. But there’s actually a couple other places during the ride that may get you wet. You might even get wet from just getting into the boat. The seats are sometimes soaked the second you get in it.


Frozen Ever After

This family favourite featuring the beloved songs from Frozen is another flume ride. Closer to the end of the ride the boat makes a rapid descent which creates a big splash. So if you find yourself sitting on the outside or the front of the boat you just may get wet.

Animal Kingdom

Kali River Rapids

Similar to Splash Mountain you can expect to get wet on this ride. Guests share a raft which climbs high just to descend slowly but surely. There are seats on this raft that are going to get more wet than others. Some guests will get totally soaked whereas others may just barely get wet. You may want to wear a poncho on this ride. It’s certainly welcomed relief on a hot Florida day.

If you’re travelling to Disney between March and October then these attractions are so great to go on and get cooled off. When you’re vacationing here between November and February you may want to sit at the back of the boat or on the inside so you don’t catch a chill. Happy Planning, Friends.