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Restaurant Review: Be Our Guest – Quick Service

Be Our Guest is a quick service and table service restaurant found at the Magic Kingdom. The restaurant opened in late 2012 and is therefore still considered new and must try on many people’s list. The restaurant is found in the heart of Fantasyland. Beside Enchanted Tales with Belle and before Gaston’s Tavern. The premise of the restaurant is you are in the Beast’s Castle. Today’s post is strictly focusing on this restaurant as a quick service dining experience.

*This picture is from our runDisney Goofy Trip in 2012 when they were constructing this new area*

It is 1 of 23 quick service locations at the Magic Kingdom. But it’s really 1 of 4 that have ample selection for all members of your family as well as ample seating. It is the only quick service location that offers breakfast at park open and before the park opens. There are a variety of things that makes Be Our Guest unique from any other quick service restaurant found at the Magic Kingdom.


Be Our Guest requires a reservation. You need to make an advanced reservation to be able to enjoy eating in the Beast’s Castle for the quick service meal and the table service meal. Due to its popularity these reservations are hard to come by. You can normally find some during low seasons or you need to make sure you reserve at the moment you can.


This is the only quick service restaurant at the Magic Kingdom that feels like a table service. The ordering section is separate from where you eat. The dining areas are heavily themed, making eating at the restaurant an experience. You don’t find yourself rushing to consume and move on, it feels like another opportunity to enjoy. The imaginears did a fabulous job making the three dining rooms a perfect representation of the scenery in the film we know and love. You can dine in the West Wing, in the ballroom or the gallery.


The food at Be Our Guest is delicious. Relying strongly on french influence you’ve got Braised Pork, French Dip Sandwich, Croque Monsieur and delicious French Onion Soup. There are as many dessert options as there are entrees. With four cupcakes to choose from and two puffs. The Master’s Cupcake is the most popular because it includes the “Grey Stuff it’s delicious”. The options far exceed any other quick service at the Magic Kingdom. Although, if you’re hoping for some simple burger and fries choices you won’t be finding those here.

*Don’t forget that the dining plan no longer includes dessert with your quick service meal. Keep that in mind when you’re ordering so you don’t end up with an extra charge.


Due to it’s turn over to table service dining for dinner, the hours of operation for Be Our Guest are minimal. For Breakfast: 8am-10:30am and Lunch: 11:00am-2:30pm. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for many guests to enjoy this experience. Which lends in part to the issue of finding a reservation.


Be Our Guest is unique in its meal ordering and receiving. You start by looking at a menu while you wait to place your order. You will then place your order at a kiosk and then be given a number. You and your party then find a place to sit and your meal will be brought to you. Your meal will also be served on proper plates and you’ll be given proper silverware. No plastics here my friend. It takes quick service again to another level.

For anyone who grew up on Beauty and the Beast, the experience of eating a meal in this amazing setting is well worth the effort. The food is also remarkable. This is one of those restaurants that will live up to the expectations you have. We have had the pleasure of eating here three times for a quick-service lunch. Each time I have enjoyed my meal thoroughly. My favourite is the Croque Monsieur. On our last vacation we came here for breakfast, getting us deep into the Magic Kingdom before the park even opened. This breakfast meal comes with appetizers, making it a great choice for a family with young ones who don’t warrant a meal of their own. This restaurant is a great use of your quick-service dining plan credit because it truly feels like a table service experience without having to pay the gratuity. A little note friends, the breakfast here is pricey. Again making it a great choice for dining plan credits but maybe more than you want to spend if you’re paying out of pocket. A breakfast entree runs $25.00. You can see how the bill will quickly creep up with two entrees and two kid’s meals plus beverages.

Be Our Guest is a great option for quick service for your day at the Magic Kingdom if you are looking for a place to sit down and take a moment. If you want your day to be jam packed, getting on all the rides, watching the parade, meeting all the characters, then I would pick Casey’s Corner or the Lunching Pad as a place to grab a bite. Be Our Guest is for those who want to take 45 minutes out of their park day to enjoy another experience at the Magic Kingdom.

Dining Plan: 1 Quick Service Meal Credit

How To Get There:

This restaurant is located in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland. If you are coming from Main Street U.S.A. head through or around Cinderella’s Castle and veer right after the carousel. On your left will be Belle’s cottage and in front of you will be Be Our Guest restaurant. Coming from Liberty Square, you’ll pass It’s a small world on your left, Pinocchio Village Haus on your left, keep going straight and the restaurant will be in front of you. Those coming from Tomorrowland, make your way past Mad Tea Party veering left. Passing the Mine Train on your right and Winnie the Pooh on your left. After the mine train your going to hang a right, and the restaurant will be in front of you.


8am-10:30am Breakfast

11:00am-2:30pm Lunch

Park Admission Required.

Personal Touch:

If you’re not able to get a reservation, check in with the hostess when you’re in the area. They may have received a cancellation. Your best bet for a walk in is at the outskirt times. Like 10:20am and 2:20pm. That’s how we got in on our vacation with M. If you’re going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party you can make reservations for during the party as long as your party tickets are linked up with your My Disney Experience account. Happy Planning.

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