Pools: Saratoga Springs’ Paddock Pool

Saratoga Springs is a Disney Springs Disney Vacation Club resort. It’s home to deluxe studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom villas, as well as their Treehouse Villas. This is our home resort, so we’ve stayed here four separate times. Twice sans kids, and twice with kids. This is a large resort with 5 pools, making it number 2 for the most amount of pools on property. One of them is the Paddock Pool, one of my favourite pools on Walt Disney World property. There are a number of reason why it’s high up on my list of favourites and why I think you and your family will love it too. 

Zero-Depth Entry.

This pool has zero-depth entry. You can walk into it like you’re at the beach. It’s great for families with younger kids because they can wade in the pool or simply sit and splash. It’s also great if you don’t want to get yourself totally wet. You can walk in as far as you’re comfortable and walk back out. 


The Paddock Pool waterslide is 146-feet-long. Placing it at number 4 on our biggest waterslides at Disney World. It can go very fast, if you’re lying on your back, or very slow, if you’re sitting up. There’s no lifeguard at the top but there’s a light telling swimmers when they are free to slide down. There’s no height requirement for this slide but swimmers have to go down on their own. If you have a very adventurous little one have one parent at the top and another at the bottom. The slide is covered, so you can’t see them go down the whole way. It’s a waterslide great for all ages. 

Water Play Area.

In the Paddock Pool area there is a separate water play unit for young kids. This unit has two waterslides, one open and one closed. The whole unit sits on a surface that has water pooling, giving kids a great place to splash around. The slides come right out onto the surface. There is a big water bucket that used to dump out but it no longer does, which keeps things a little less chaotic. This water play area is fenced in, has lounge chairs, tables and chairs and umbrellas. Kids can play here without having to wear their lifejackets, giving them much needed freedom. Parents can sit back and relax or join in on the fun. 

The Paddock Grill.

Located poolside is a great quick-service restaurant. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Paddock Grill is open from 7:30am until 9pm. At 11am they begin offering alcoholic beverages. There’s also a drink refill station, perfect for guests on the dining plan. With the Paddock Grill here, you can actually stay poolside all day. 


This pool is small, which to me is a great bonus. You can see everyone. Not just your own children but other people. When you have younger kids, you can be a little leery of kids playing a little more aggressive. At this pool there is no place that is out of sight. You can keep an eye on everything, even if you’re not in the pool with your kids. 


Even though it’s a small pool, there are two lifeguards on duty. Talk about feeling safe. 


Paddock Pool is not the “feature pool” or “main pool” at Saratoga Springs. High Spring Rock Pool is the main pool, so many guests spend their pool day there. It’s close to the main building, and the Artist’s Palette, another quick-service restaurant. So many guests overlook this pool, assuming it’s a quiet pool. You get the best of both worlds. The enjoyment of the waterslide, water play area, and dining, without the crowd. 


There’s, of course, the ever present whirlpool in the gated area of the Paddock Pool. Great for those cooler nights, or cooler days for guests visiting in December or January. 


The bathrooms are closely located. You could bring your change of clothes, and change there before everyone gets chilled heading back to the room. 


The last thing I love about this pool is the view. The pool area itself is so well themed and taken care. Just sitting in the pool and looking at the design is enjoyable. But also the buildings surrounding the pool area are stunning. The attention to smallest details can be marvelled at. 

This pool is a hidden gem, as is the resort in my opinion. We will keep coming back here to stay, falling more and more in love with it every single time. Guests staying at another resort can come and enjoy this pool by pool hopping. MagicBand entry is not required for this pool. Happy Planning, Friends.