Pools: Kiddie Pools

Every resort on Walt Disney World property is unique, featuring different cuisine, architecture and landscaping. The pool areas are no different. Each of these areas compliment the theme of the resort you are staying at. There is also no consistent design from one resort to the next. Some have waterslides, some have zero-entry depth pools, some have pools bars and some have what we are looking at today: kiddie pools. A kiddie pool is a glorified wadding pool. With the pool being 1 ft  3m deep it’s the perfect height for children under the age of 4 to be able to walk around and splash around on a hot day. The water is also a little warmer than your average pool. Now these are great spots if you are with one very young child, I’m talking 6 months to 16 months. Or if you have a large family and your littlest one can play in this kiddie pool while the older ones play in the  feature pool. These are quickly disappearing and being converted into water play areas, as they recently did with the kiddie pool at Wilderness Lodge. So I expect to see this list dwindle over the next few years as each pool area gets updated. For now though here are a list of resorts that offer a kiddie pool in their pool area.

Magic Kingdom Resort Area

None in this area

Epcot Resort Area

Boardwalk Inn

Luna Park Pool

Disney Springs Resort Area

Old Key West

Main Pool

Port Orleans Riverside

Ol’ Man Island Swimming Pool Area

Animal Kingdom Resort Area

Coronado Springs

Lost City of Cibola

All-Star Sport Resort

Surfboard Bay and Kiddie Pool

All-Star Music Resort

Calypso Pool and Kiddie Pool

Wide World of Sport Resort Area

Pop Century

Hippy Dippy Pool

If you don’t see your resort listed here then plan to pool hop on one of your non-park days if this type of pool suits your family’s vacation needs. You can spend a whole day visiting another resort, enjoying their dining options and exploring their grounds. You may even find where you’ll want to stay on your next Disney vacation.

Happy Planning.

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