Planning your Kids outfits for Disney

Packing. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I used to hate it but I’ve come up with a pretty good system which helps me. It starts with having a plan for our vacation. What are we doing any given day. Then I’ll pick out outfits for the kids according to what’s on the itinerary.

For our day at the Magic Kingdom, I know I want them to wear one of their character shirts. Specifically one that features a character they’ll be getting a picture with that day.

For our day at Animal Kingdom, an outfit that has either a jungle theme, dinosaur or animals.

For our day at Epcot, I’ll pick out an outfit that works with our plans. On our last vacation Lincoln wore a shirt with a rocket, and MacKenzie wore an Elsa shirt because we met Elsa that day.

For our Star Wars day at Hollywood Studios, Lincoln wore his Star Wars shirt and M wore an Elsa romper for taking in the Frozen stage show.

Planning out the outfits according to your plans craft great picture opportunities. It also creates a magical moment between your kids and the character they’re meeting. When Lincoln was wearing his Donald shirt on one of our Magic Kingdom day he got reactions from Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and Donald.

You may want your littles to be well dressed for a special meal, so pack appropriate outfits. For our little girl we always make sure she’s wearing bicycle shorts if she’s wearing a dress, because these Disney days are filled with dancing and climbing in and out of attractions. So packing a handful are a necessity.

My favourite items for MacKenzie to wear are skorts. They give her the feminine element she loves while providing her with the privacy she requires. My favourite items for Lincoln are sport shorts or sweatshorts. Dress shorts look really nice but they’re not conducive for a day full of running around the parks and sweating.

Once all the outfits are picked out, I simply have to fill in the gaps. Like bathing suits, pjs, and of course accessories. Packing a couple of Minnie Ears, crowns, hats, special necklaces and so on.

If you find yourself traveling down to Walt Disney World during the winter months, do this at least a month in advanced and get your kids to try their clothing on to make sure their summer clothes still fit. If they don’t you’ll be able to find a few items before you leave for your vacation. You can find some great Disney items at your local retailers. Some of my favourites are: H&M, Old Navy and Gap.

Now if you’re kids are taller than 32″ or older than 3, they may want to have some input on their clothing. So let them have some say. But make sure to remind them why it’s important to wear sensible clothing. Your Disney days are long days and wearing clothing that is itchy, too hot and any way uncomfortable can cause melt downs that could have been avoided.

Planning out these outfits have really helped me have a more enjoyable vacation. Knowing everyone will be comfortable, will be able to sit and watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade comfortably, and that we’ll be coming home with way too many pictures to frame. Happy Planning, Friends.