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Our 2020 FastPass Plans

Friends, we are now 62 days away from our Disney Vacation! We have been planning this vacation for months. We are so excited to be heading down to Disney World with our 3 kids and Jeff’s Mom. This will be MacKenzie’s 4th trip, Lincoln’s 3rd trip and William’s very first trip to Disney World. The ages of our kids upon arriving on our Disney vacation will be 6, 4 and just shy of 12 months. This means our itinerary is going to be varied, including many of the young rides that some of you may skip if you’re visiting with tweens or teens. It’s going to include a few non-park days to give our young crew the rest they need to have successful park days. Our park day plans are about to be finalized as we book our FastPass+ on Wednesday! We can select 3 FastPass+ per park day for each member of our party, with the exception of William. Did you know children under 3 get in free to the parks? Therefore he doesn’t need any FastPasses.

Now there are FastPass+ for attractions, stage shows, character experiences and nighttime entertainment. The majority of our FastPass selections this trip are attractions. We typically choose times for FastPass+ around 10:30am and on. At 9am most guests are still making their way into the park and therefore there are no lines, rendering your FastPass+ redundant. By 10:30am the park will have filled up and the lines as well. Which means having those FastPass+ selections will get you on attractions with minimal wait time.

With our kids the ages and heights they currently are, some of the attractions are still out of their league. For each of the park days we pick one attraction for us. Space Mountain, Rock’n’Roller Coaster, Everest. Something we can ride but the kids can’t. This trip we’re going to split up these attractions between the two of us and take advantage of the rider switch pass. For more details on these precious passes, that every parent NEEDS, check out this previous post.

So here’s an overview of what FastPass+ we’re planning on selecting bright and early on Wednesday morning.


Spaceship Earth. Test Track. The Seas with Nemo & Friends.

Hollywood Studios

Slinky Dog Dash. Rock n Roller Coaster. For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-a-Long.

Animal Kingdom

Na’Vi River Journey. Kali River Rapids. Expedition Everest.


Frozen Ever After.

Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Jungle Cruise.

Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Mania. Tower of Terror. Rock n Roller Coaster.

As you can see, our second Epcot day we’ve only picked one FastPass. I’ll just end up picking a random assortment for that day depending on what’s available. Jeff is running the marathon that day and meeting us at Epcot so the day is going to be pretty low key and I don’t imagine us spending much time in Future World. As you can see, each day we’ve included one attraction that’s for our whole family. Something that our little William will be able to go on as well. Once these times and attractions are nailed down we’ll be able to map out our days. We’ll take our dining reservations, our FastPass+ reservations and have a blueprint of each of our park days. For tips on making your FastPass+ selections take a look at these previous posts:

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