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Beginning in 2013 Walt Disney World began to use MagicBands. The MagicBand is a bracelet that you wear around your wrist. There is a unique ID to every single MagicBand, making it personal to you and your information. With MagicBands you are able to have everything in one place. Your park passes, your guest room key, your fastpasses, your dining reservations, everything on this one convenient bracelet. They are also waterproof so there is no need to take them off during any point of your stay. These MagicBands are also linked to your credit card so you can easily make purchases. With the MagicBand you really don’t need to bring your wallet with you unless you’re planning on having some adult beverages and think you’ll need ID.

If you are staying on site at a Walt Disney World resort you will receive a MagicBand at no extra cost. You can choose between Grey, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink. You can also personalize the name that is found underneath the face of the MagicBand. Using up to 9 characters. If you live within the United States you will receive your MagicBands in the mail before your trip, approximately 11 days before. If you are an international visitor they will be waiting for you upon check in. For an extra cost you can choose between a few different character MagicBands.

The MagicBand has an outer layer that can be removed to make a smaller bracelet for children. The face of the band is a Mickey Mouse. When using your band you need to match your Mickey Face to the receiver. I always wear my MagicBand on my left arm because I find it easier to match up my MagicBand with the receivers on that arm. I also make sure Mickey’s ears are up so that when I press my arm against the receiver it matches perfectly. You’ll find receivers at the entrances of parks, entrances to FastPass + lines, shop cash registers, and when paying for dining experiences. At the entrance to the parks you’ll need to use your fingerprint to gain access to the park. The first time you enter the park will create your fingerprint on file. I always use my right index finger. This way I can scan my MagicBand with one arm and put my fingerprint with the other. At cash registers and dining payments you’ll need to use a pin to validate the transaction. You can set up your pin number at My Disney Experience or upon arriving at your resort.

To set up your pin before arriving, head to My Disney Experience and hoover over the My Disney Experience Icon in the right hand corner. Under My Account is My Profile. In this section you’ll find payment methods at the very bottom. Click the arrow. You will then be directed to another page that has your credit card information. At the very bottom you’ll see a pin status with a Resort Room Account PIN. It’s here where you can create your individual pin.

MagicBands allow you to have individual information for each member of your party. It’s a great way to keep track of dining plan meal credits and charges. You can also limit who has the ability to make charges and redeem meals. You can limit all the purchasing to one MagicBand or to the adults, whatever you wish. At any time you can head to the front desk of your resort and ask for a print out of the activity on all your MagicBands.

These bracelets should make everything easier and hassle free for your vacation. With pins and fingerprint security you can trust you’re information is locked up and safe for your use only.

Happy Planning.

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