Hurricane Irma

Along with many of you, we have been watching the news closely. Waiting to see where Hurricane Irma will strike. ¬†Wondering how our precious Walt Disney World will be affected. We are supposed to leaving for our trip on Monday morning, landing in Orlando in the afternoon. When first hearing about Irma I had a very positive attitude. I wasn’t going to stress out about changing our plans until we had some firm information. Where was the exact path, when is it expected to hit the Orlando area. It became real when we received an email cancelling our flight on Monday. I was immediately upset, working through my brain what our options were for adjusting our trip. As DVC members we booked our trip using our points, so I wasn’t concerned about getting money back but I did know that there was very limited availability for the upcoming months. After the initial shock wore off and I calmed down a bit I started thinking about the reality of the situation. Yes, it’s disappointing that a trip we have spent months planning, resources creating itinerary and money reserving will likely be cancelled. But in the grand scheme of things it’s a trip. A trip we are blessed to be able to take. Because we have our time. Because I have a spouse I love enjoy my life with. Because I have two beautiful and healthy young children I want to spend time with. We can plan another trip, maybe in a couple of months or maybe for next year. I am grateful that we are on the other side of this. Making this decision in the comfort of our own home, instead of desperately trying to get out of Orlando as the storm approaches.

It’s a teachable moment for me and for our family. For me, it’s a reminder that I can plan all I want. I can plan for a wonderful vacation, I can plan to pay off our home in 25 years, I can plan to run a race. But, unforeseen circumstances come up. The majority of life is out of my hands. It’s what I do in those moments when these unexpected things change the course, or obliterate, the plans, that speak to who I am. I need to choose to be the person whose foundations are in the cornerstone and therefore become unmoved by transiency. By being this person I am modelling to my children that our roots are firmly planted. With our kids we are being positive, talking about how we are doing our best to adjust our plans. We’re not saying we’re not going, we’re talking about when we will go. These little people will take our lead. Some day they are going to work hard and train to get on that team, or practice and audition for that part. They may not get it, but they will know that we move forward and concentrate on what’s ahead.

There can be a number of reasons for cancelling a trip, whether it’s a death in the family, a loss of a job, a sick kid. It’s disappointing to say the least. Let yourself be let down, let your kids be upset but then focus on the upside, whatever it is. There are no guarantees here, every day, every moment is a gift in grace. When we see it this way we can move upwards and onwards.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in the hurricane’s path. We watch intently to see how things unfold.

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