How to Use this Month’s Extra Pay for a trip to Disney

If you get paid bi-weekly then this is one of those glorious months that you receive three pays in one month. It’s the perfect opportunity to set aside some money for your upcoming vacation or finally plan that Disney trip you’ve always wanted to take. Now even though you’re getting an extra pay that doesn’t mean you don’t have any expenses to go along with that. You likely have payments that are made bi-weekly for your car, your mortgage, you’ll need to pay for groceries, gas, what have you. But when all is said and done you should have extra funds at the end of the month to put towards your Disney vacation. Here’s how we do it.

In one column I put together all the expenses we have for the whole month. In another column I put together all the funds that will be coming in for the whole month. And presto, the difference is the extra money we can slap onto that Disney bill. Now for some that may mean paying for the dining plan, or paying for your park tickets. For others it may mean funds for the whole thing. It all depends on the money you plan on spending on your vacation and how much extra funds you have coming in.

Friends, this is an opportunity. Money has a funny way of disappearing if we don’t keep track of it. A few meals out, a couple trips to the mall and that extra money has been allocated elsewhere. So as soon as you find out how much it is you want to put towards your vacation, do it! Put it in the savings account, book and PAY it with Disney. Do whatever it is you have to do to actually put that money on the vacation. This only happens twice a year, and the other time always happens around Christmas. In the case of this year it’s going to happen in the month of November. And let’s face it, we all know that’s going toward Christmas expenses.

It’s tricks like this that we are able to afford to make our way down to Disney each year. We even made it down twice last year. On how we did that check out this previous post. If you already have your vacation paid for then maybe you can indulge in things you decided to skip on. Like upping your dining plan from the Disney Dining Plan to the Deluxe Dining Plan or changing your accommodations from a value resort to a moderate resort. Or set it aside for spending money on those Minnie Ears, Goofy Hats or one of those light up balloons. The options are endless. Happy Planning, Friends.