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Hollywood Studios. Sunset Boulevard

Hollywood Studios was the third theme park to open at Walt Disney World. Mainly centred around the magic of the movies, Hollywood Studios puts you in the heart of Hollywood’s golden age. There are currently 8 areas of Hollywood Studios: Hollywood Blvd, Echo Lake, Commissary Lane, Grand Avenue, Animation Courtyard, Pixar Place, Sunset Blvd and Toy Story Land. Today’s post is going to focus on Sunset Blvd, the road leading up to the looming Hollywood Tower Hotel. Sunset Blvd is home to 2 attractions, 10 shops, 6 dining experiences, and 2 entertainment productions. Want to skip straight to a category? Simply click: attractions, shops, dining experiences, entertainment. 


Sunset Blvd is home to two of the most thrilling rides on Walt Disney World property: The Twilight Tower of Terror and Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. 

The Twilight Tower of Terror

Found at the end of the Boulevard, The Twilight Tower of Terror is in the Hollywood Tower Hotel which is still standing after being struck by lightning years before. Guests 40” inches or taller can ride this ride, which is approximately 5 years of age. Guests will sit on an elevator and shoot to the top of the hotel only to then be dropped several stories. Each time you ride this ride it will be a little different. The drops are not sequenced the same every single time. So whether you’ve been on this ride hundreds of times or a handful, you’ll never know how many times you will go up or how many times you will drop. The storyline behind the ride is scary, which can make it scary for those smaller travels so use your discretion. There are two lines for this ride. One is to gain entry into the building and then another one after you’ve watched the introductory video. A FastPass is definitely recommended for this one. 

Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

The only roller coaster to take you upside on Walt Disney World property, Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster is for riders 48” or taller. This roller coaster is inside and dark. It’s got fast twist and turns and you’ll be harnessed in for your safety. It’s a fun ride for those who love roller coasters. This ride offers a single rider line, which is perfect for getting on the ride quickly if you don’t care about sitting beside your fellow guests. They also offer FastPass. 


On Sunset Blvd you’ll find many unique items specific to this part of Walt Disney World that you won’t find elsewhere.

Tower Hotel Gifts

Found at the exit of Twilight Tower of Terror, you can purchase Bathrobes and Towels from this hotel gift shop. You’ll also find Twilight Tower of Terror themed games, as well as elaborate outfits that will make you feel like you work at this hotel. A great spot for unique souvenirs, Tower Hotel Gifts is open from park open until park close. 

Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster Gift Shop

Not even on the My Disney Experience map, this shop is found as you exit this roller coaster. With Aerosmith band shirts, and ride shirts, you’ll find merchandise here you won’t find anywhere else on property. This is one of my husbands favourite rides, and he has two shirts from this shop. They are such cool shirts they look like they were purchased at a concert. This shop is open until park close. 

Sunset Ranch Pins and Souvenirs

Found amongst the many counter service dining experiences on Sunset Blvd, Sunset Ranch Pins and Souvenirs sells just that. Those collector pins as well as some great items to keep you cool on those hot Floridian days. Open until Park close. 

Reel Vogue

Found on the western side of Sunset Blvd when you first enter the strip. This shop shares its space with Beverly Sunset. Reel Vogue sells a lot of toys and children’s items. You can also find some villain items here. Reel Vogue is open from park open until park close. 

Beverly Sunset

This shop is where you’ll find those coveted Hollywood Studios Whoopie Pies, on many guest’s food goal list. It’s a very popular spot and you can expect there to be a large line. They also sell take away food, from packaged popcorn, candy to cookies and crackers. They make a few items here on site so you can watch the cast members at work while you’re waiting to make your purchase. Beverly Sunset is open from park open until park close. They share their space with Reel Vogue, so you can either enter here from their shop entrance or from the Beverly Sunset entrance found at the beginning of Sunset Blvd. 

Legends of Hollywood

Legends of Hollywood is your first shop on the eastern side of Sunset Blvd. This shop has an array of Star Wars apparel and items. Looking for shirts that are stylish but show you’re love of the Star Wars franchise, Legends of Hollywood is where you’ll find that item. Open from park open to park close.

Planet Hollywood Superstore

Sharing the same building as Legends of Hollywood, Planet Hollywood Superstore sells Planet Hollywood Merchandise. Similar items to what you’ll find at their store and restaurant at Disney Springs. Planet Hollywood shirts, sweaters, jackets, mugs and other items. Open from park open until park close. 

Sunset Club Couture

One of my favourite shops on property, Sunset Club sells Dooney & Bourke Disney purses, luggage, adult apparel and jewelry. The shop itself has great ecstatics. Many of the items here will be found at other locations on property but if you find something you like here, purchase it because locating it elsewhere can be a big job. Sunset Club Couture is open from park open to park close and shares its space with Mouse About Town and Once Upon a Time.

Mouse About Town

Looking for unique Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse items, here’s where you’ll find them. Many are stylish and specific to the year you are visiting. A small selection of Minnie and Mickey ears also here for purchase along with plush toys. The store is open from park open to park close. 

Once Upon a Time

Located very close to the exit of Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage, Once Upon a Time has items your littles will love. Plush toys, princess costumes, apparel with their favourite character. It’s the best shop for shopping for a little princess in your party here at Hollywood Studios. 

Dining Experiences

Sunset Blvd has no indoor dining experiences but plenty of counter service spots with a great variety. Eating here allows everyone in your party to find the perfect item for their meal. 

Anaheim Produce

The first selection is Anaheim Produce, a market style spot offering fruit, chips, churros and pretzels. Here’s where you’ll find your greatest selection of fruit at Hollywood Studios. They also serve Frozen lemonade and offer bottled beverages. Anaheim Produce gives guests 4 choices of beer and frozen beverages. Perfect for those warm afternoons. Anaheim Produce is open from 10:30am until 9pm. 

Rosie’s All-American Cafe

Open from 10:30am until 9:30pm, at Rosie’s you walk up and order. You then wait for your food and then find a place to sit. Check the menu before you arrive or while in line so you can order swiftly when you reach the counter. Rosie’s has Chicken Nuggets, Cheeseburgers, and a Fried Green Tomato Sandwich. For dessert you can choose from shortcake, cupcakes and mousse. I’d save that dessert for Hollywood Scoops further down the blvd. 

Catalina Eddie’s

Located beside Rosie’s, Catalina Eddie’s is open from 11am until 9:30pm, or around park close depending on the time of year. Catalina Eddie’s serves pizza and caesar salad. You can also choose from a few beers and alcoholic beverages. So for the pizza lovers line up here, the American food lovers line up at the neighbouring Rosie’s.

Fairfax Fare

Open from 11:30am to 9:30pm, Fairfax Fare offers a variety of foods: Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Rice Bowls, and Fajitas. Here you’ll find two choices for meal sized salads. A veggie salad with corn, tortilla strips, and cheddar cheese or the fairfax salad which has pulled pork, bacon, corn tortilla strips and cheddar cheese. The healthiest spot on this strip for sure. Here’s where you’ll find some cocktails: Jack Daniels and Coke, Fruit Punch Cocktail, Bacardi and Coke or a Cherry Bourbon Lemonade. 

Hollywood Scoops

Found at the end of the strip of counter service restaurants, Hollywood Scoops opens at 12:30pm. The perfect place to grab an ice cream. You’ve got a choice of ice cream flavours for an ice cream scoop or a variety of sundaes. The Apple Crisp a la mode was on my food goal list on our last vacation and the Brownie Sundae will be on the list our next vacation. 

KRNR The Rock Station

Found right outside of Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, this dining spot offers hot dogs, nachos, chips and ice cream in waffle cones It’s a great spot to grab a quick bite if you’re having a full day at Hollywood Studios. They also offer frozen lemonade and frozen Coke, a perfect drink for cooling off on a hot day. Open from park open to park close. 


You’ll find a variety of carts on the Blvd. One is located at the exit of Tower of Terror, featuring a variety of baked goods, including rice krispie squares and delicious cookies. There will also be cart serving some of your favourite Disney novelty bars along the boulevard.


Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage

This live performance retells the epic tale of Belle and the Beast. Featuring all your favourite songs. With elaborate costumes, and dance routines, you will be wowed. This stage show is located before the Hollywood Tower Hotel on the eastern side of the street. It’s in a covered amphitheatre. It’s a very popular show, so I would recommend showing up at least 15 minutes before if you want a good seat. Or use the FastPass+ feature. There are five opportunities to see this show daily, check your daily park schedule when arriving at the park or your MyDisneyExperience app. 


This is a must see! Fantasmic is a nighttime spectacular, featuring fireworks, fire, stage performances and stunts. Mickey is the star of the show, with many of your favourite characters (good and evil) being featured as well. The entrance to this show is found immediately after Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage. It’s a long pathway to the large seating area. This area is not covered. It is bench style seating. It’s an extremely popular show so be there an hour before hand. There are a number of food offerings at the entrance which will help pass the time. Fantasmic typically takes place around park close, 8pm or 9pm depending on the hours of the time of your visit. There is FastPass+ offered which will give you received reserved seating but I would still suggest getting here a half hour before so you can get the spot you’d like. 

Sunset Blvd is an area of Hollywood Studios that is filled with excitement. With Fantasmic! you’ll likely be spending time in this area at some point during the day and then making your way back for the performance. It’s a great place to shop, dine and of course ride some unforgettable rides. Happy Planning, Friends.