Height Requirement

Height Requirement: 40 inches at all 4 Parks

Many attractions at Walt Disney World’s 4 theme parks have height requirements. These are for the safety of the guest. Today’s post is going to focus on the attractions at all four parks that guests 40 inches and taller are able to ride. Once kids are approximately 5 years old they should be around 40 inches. On our last family trip, our daughter turned 5 and she was a shy taller than 40 inches. Make sure to measure your kids before you start planning your vacation to figure out which rides your kids will be able to ride. Also, just because your kids are able to ride these rides doesn’t mean they are mature enough for the theme or premise of the ride. Use your judgement. For more details on each of the attractions click the theme park.

Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Splash Mountain


Mission: SPACE. Green Edition

Test Track

Soarin’ Around the World

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Tower of Terror

Star Tours

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Animal Kingdom


Don’t forget about all the other attractions kids 40″ and taller can go on as well. All the rides that are suitable for kids 38″ and taller, 35″ and taller and the attractions with no height requirement. Click the links below for details:

No Height Requirement

35″ and Taller

38″ and Taller

Happy Planning, Friends.