Free MagicBands To Be A Thing of the Past!!!

For the last 7 years, guests staying at one of the Disney World resorts would receive a MagicBand as part of their reservation. A MagicBand is a bracelet that is your key to the world. It it your room key, your park entry, you can use it to redeem dining plan credits, its linked to your credit card so you can easily make purchases. Since their conception, guests staying at Disney World received these MagicBands as part of their package.

MagicBands have been available for purchase for those not staying at a Disney resort. Or for those who want to have their own unique MagicBand, outside of the bands that were offered free of charge. As of 2021, this will be the only way guests will be able to acquire MagicBands. You’ll be able to purchase MagicBands as a part of your vacation package. Or you can purchase them when you arrive.

Take a look at this previous post to find out how you can link up a MagicBand to your account by click here.

You can still reuse MagicBands you’ve received from previous vacations. You can use the steps found in the aforementioned post. This is what we’ll be doing. We have many MagicBands that we’ve saved from our numerous previous vacations. My husband purchased a unique one on a previous vacation and will continue to use his DVC special edition MagicBand.

Why Disney World has decided to seize offering the MagicBands complimentary to guests is not totally clear. Guests will be able to use the MyDisneyExperience app on their phone to be able to access their rooms and will likely be able to do the same to get into parks and so on. I think that Disney World is going to be finding ways to reduce costs over the next couple of years after the major losses of the past few months. And this is certainly a way of doing that.

If you’ve never used a MagicBand before, then you won’t know what you’re missing by simply using your phone and your app. One of the negatives of this is phone battery use. If your phone runs out of battery, what then? If you opt to not purchase a MagicBand and stick with the app, you’ll have to make sure you have a charger with you. This will also cause you to look at your phone yet another time. Each time you pick up your phone you’re more likely to notice that email from work, a message from a friend. Pulling you away from the moment, from your magical vacation.

I feel confident we’ll continue to use our MagicBands. With our family of 5, it’s nice to have each person banded. We have a lot of MagicBands that we’ve been holding on to from previous vacations but I do think our little will invest in their own special bands on upcoming vacations.

Years from now, it will probably be a shocker to find out that these MagicBands were once free of charge. Just as it’s hard to imagine that the original dining plan included non-alcoholic drinks with entrees and another drink with desserts, and that appetizers were also included. Things will always been changing at Disney World, we just need to stay informed so we can adjust our expectations. Happy Planning, Friends.