Epcot’s Germany Pavilion

Epcot is home to Future World and World Showcase. World Showcase has 11 pavilions each representing a country from around the World. There’s Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Italy, Norway, America, Mexico, China, Japan and Germany. Today we’re going to look at the Germany pavilion. The Germany pavilion is found on the southern side of the park. To get here you either need to walk around the lagoon that is the centre of Epcot or you can take a boat from Showcase Plaza over to the Germany pavilion. This pavilion does not have any attractions but is home to some great shopping and delicious dining. Find out all there is to discover at this pavilion.


Biergarten Restaurant

This buffet restaurant is found deep inside the Germany pavilion. When you enter this restaurant, you enter into a nighttime beer festival in a German village. With long tables and a stage that draws everyones attention. On the stage, a German band takes the stage to play lively music using a multitude of instruments. There’s a dance floor in front of the stage and guests are encouraged to come down and dance. The food is all German focused with sausages, spaetzel, frikadellen and schnitzel. There’s also a carved meat station, salmon and chicken for those not as fond of German fare. It’s a really fun restaurant that keeps everyone in the family entertained.


At the back of the pavilion you’ll find Sommerfest, a counter service restaurant that serves sausages, mac and cheese and delicious strudel. We chose to eat here for dinner on one of our nights at Epcot on our last vacation. Grabbing sausages for the whole family and eating at one of the tables found in the pavilions courtyard. Sommerfest also serves a vast selection of beer.


Snow White

Meet the original Disney princess at the Germany pavilion. You can meet Snow White in the afternoons. There’s a wishing well stationed on the outskirts of Germany between it and the Outpost. There’s no FastPass line for this character meet and greet and it is outside. You can find Snow White typically between noon time and supper time. Grab a picture with her and get her autograph. On the odd afternoon Doopey’s known to be with her.



A very popular spot, this shop is a Werther’s shop where they make fresh product on location. You can choose from items that are prepackaged or items just made. The shop opens at 11am along with the rest of the pavilion.

Die Weihnachts Ecke

This is your German Christmas shop. Find some beautiful one of a kind ornaments to put on your Christmas tree next year to mark you Disney World vacation.

Stein Haus

Buy a beer stein for your glassware collection. With a variety of colours and designs, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your personality. Just be sure they are tucked away some place special so to make sure they don’t break on transport.


This spot has wine galore for you to try on sight and to take home. You can also try a multitude of cheese to pair with your beverage choice.

Kunstarbeit in Kristall

This beautiful store has everything crystal and beautiful figurines. If you have kids make sure to hold them by the hand or strap them into the stroller.

Der Teddybar

One of my favourite stores at Walt Disney World, Der Teddybear is a toy store featuring Playmobil and other German favourites. The store itself is adorned with toys, so look up high to check out all the cool details.


This shop is connected to Der Teddybear and has clocks to adorn your walls at home. They look just like the clocks you would find at the beginning of Pinocchio, made by Geppetto.

Das Kaufhaus

This is your clothing location at the Germany pavilion. Here you’ll find team jerseys for the German football team, german traditional outfits and shirts that will mark your time at the German pavilion.


This hut is found in the middle of the walkway through Germany as you are entering the Italian pavilion. This is where you’ll find some special tiaras, drinking glasses, and crystal keepsakes.


Kidcot Fun Spot

This is a special location found in the Der Teddybear shop, where kids can collect their Kidcot postcard and stamp. There’s a location found at each pavilion throughout World Showcase. There’s a cast member from that country ready to sign and give out these postcards that kids can collect during their visit at Epcot. These are totally free!

Not written on the map is a special train found at the German pavilion. It’s a toy sized train that is set up going through a doll size village. There are a few trains going at the same time, one is a passenger train, another is a cargo train. You can stand by and watch as the train makes its way through this small little town.

I’ve always loved spending time in this pavilion. I love exploring the toy shop and eating a delicious sausage. Just be leery of going through some of the stores with kids, with so many breakables out in the open you may want to skip a couple of stores or you may end up paying for something you can’t even take home.

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