Epcot World Showcase Scavenger Hunt for Kids. Kidcot Fun Stops.

During our last vacation to Walt Disney World we visited Epcot twice. On the first day of our vacation and on Jeff’s marathon day. I have always felt there is so much to see and do at Epcot. So much that we were missing. With two park days spent at Epcot, we would certainly be able to explore more of the park than ever before. To further explore the 11 pavilions found in Epcot’s World Showcase, we decided to participate in the Kidcot Fun Stops.

The Kidcot Fun Stops are found in each pavilion. At these stops, kids get a postcard that features a Disney character in a location from that country. The picture is in black and white and meant to be coloured by the child. There are tables, chairs and crayons provided for the kids to colour on site. A cast member will give the child the postcard, as well as a sticker, and will write something on the card in their native language. These cast members are from the country represented.

We separated finding these spots over the course of both days and opted to have the kids colour their postcards at a later date. The kids loved collecting the postcards at each country. They received a Ziplock bag that’s made up to look like a suitcase to put all their postcards in.

These Kidcot stops are not easily found. Many are hidden deep within shops or in the very back of the pavilion. We’ve created a cheat sheet here for you so you can save yourself the time of locating these stops.


Head towards Le Cellier restaurant, when you pass the gardens on your right take a right towards the exit of the Canada Far and Wide attraction.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom pavilion has many stores, the stores located at the far back of the pavilion is called the Toy Soldier, and it is here by a bookcase display that you’ll find the Kidcot Fun Stop.


At the heart of the France pavilion is a delicious bakery Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. The bakery is found at the back of the shop Souvenirs de France. It’s here that you’ll find the Kidcot Fun Stop.


In the middle of the Morocco pavilion are three stores that connect to make a market style store, it’s at the back of the middle store, Marketplace at the Medina, that you’ll find the Kidcot Fun Stop.


We had a very hard time finding this spot. The pavilion was so busy when we came in here that it was hard to find the spot among the crowd. Instead of heading through the stores, heading straight to the back of the pavilion and enter through the very centre doors. The Kidcot Spot is immediately on your right.

The American Adventure

You’ll find this Kidcot Spot out in the open air. Make your way towards The Great American bathrooms on the western side of the pavilion. The Kidcot Spot will be on your left as you make your way toward the restrooms, right by the door to the Art of Disney store.


Another open air location, Kidcot Stop in the Italian pavilion is also on the Western side of the pavilion. Directly across from the Tutto Italia Ristorante is this Kidcot Spot. There are dozens of theatrical masks adorning the wall and it’s here that your kid will be able to collect their Italian postcard.


The Germany pavilion is U shaped, with shops on either side of the U and the buffer restaurant, Biergarten, in the middle. On the Western side of the U is the De Teddybear store, at the back of this store is where the Kidcot Fun Stop is located.


To find the Kidcot Fun Stop in the China pavilion, you’ll have to go all the way to the back of the pavilion. There are several entrances to the China pavilion shop House of Good Fortune. It’s just past the second set of doors that you’ll find the Kidcot Fun Stop.


The Norway pavilion has two separate shop locations, one is by the Anna and Elsa meet and greet. The other is by the Frozen attraction. The set of shops by the Frozen attraction is where you’ll find the Kidcot Fun Stop. Go into the store The Fjording, in the very first section is where the Kidcot Fun Stop is.


Make your way inside the great big temple at the Mexico pavilion. Walk through the gallery that is home to paintings and sculptures. Head down the grand staircase on the left side and at the bottom is the Kidcot Stop.

There you have it friends. The many locations of Kidcot Fun Stops found at the World Showcase in Epcot. Our kids really enjoyed this activity and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask to do it again on our next trip. During each festival, there’s normally a scavenger hunt that accompanies the special aspects of the festival. So be sure to check with the festival headquarters during your visit.

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